Your Precious Diamond (Pirkei Avos, 5:26)

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Ben Bagbag said: Turn it and turn it – for everything is dependent upon it.

What is this great thing that everything, i.e., all success, depends upon it? It is the dedication to Torah study.

We understand Torah is important because it teaches us the path of goodness. However, why didn’t the text simply state “All success depends on Torah study?” Why is it that all success depends on “the dedication” to Torah study?

Every Jewish soul was present at Mount Sinai and experienced HaShem giving us the Torah. Therefore, our souls are naturally filled with love of Torah. Just as a spark ignites a fiery material into a flame, so too, the mere remembrance of our relationship to Torah sparks the holy flame within our soul.

Intuitively we grasp the greatness and goodness of Torah. Just as a parent’s love for their children instinctively inspires them to do everything for their children, so too, once we remind ourselves that the Torah is our very life, we will be inspired to dedicate ourselves to Torah and reap its precious fruits.

In this light the text said, “Turn it and turn it because all success depends upon it.” That is, just as we look at a precious gem from every facet to gaze at each aspect of its beauty, so too, the more we reflect on our precious relationship to the holy Torah, the more we will be drawn and attracted to its incomparable and endless beauty (based on the writings of the Vilna Gaon).

Today: Reflect on your opportunity to become one with the Torah – and ignite your soul.

Copyright © 2010 by Rabbi Zvi Miller and the Salant Foundation

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