Yosi Piamenta

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Yosi Piamenta is an Orthodox Jewish electric guitar player, often called the Hasidic Hendrix.

As a young secular Israeli prog-rock electric guitar player, he was brought to the United States by saxophone legendStan Getz. Both he and his brother Avi Piamenta (flautist, composer) became Baal Teshuvah (returning to Orthodox Jewish observance) and have affiliated with the Chabad Lubavitch movement in particular.

The Piamenta Band known in music circles as forever changing the face of popular religious Jewish music, injecting a wildly frenetic improvisational style of  Oriental based spiritual music, to a scene usually associated with the traditional Klezmer sounds of  Eastern European Jewery.

The Piamenta band has produced a steady stream of compact disc recordings popular with many Jews all over the world.

In June 2004 Yosi and Oteil Burbridge, of the storied American rock icons The Allman Brothers Band, came together in NYC  for a loose jam billed as the Heavenly Jams Band.  A recording of the show was released as Live in NYC 6/16/04.

The Heavenly Jam Band became a way of exposing new audiences to broad spectrum of music through like minded musicians sharing a passion for musical improvisation and exploration. HJB shows rely heavily on the Oriental based Hebrew and Arabic Piamenta sound, blended with an assortment of classic rock, blues, and jazz influenced music.

HJB lineups have included, Kofi Burbridge, Mike Mattison, Yonrico Scott, and Todd Smallie of the amazing Derek Trucks Band, Kenwwod Dennard, Tal Wilkenfeld, Pedro Arevalo, Barry Richman, David Stoltz, Matisyahu, DJ Logic, Mark Dann, Asaf Shor, Shai Bachar, Devon Allman, Jon Madof, and many other talented and renowned musicians.

Album: Bridging the Gap…Live! Yosi Piamenta’s Heavenly Jams Band

Price: $9.99
Genres: World, Music
Released: Aug 28, 2008 ℗ 2008 Ditza Records

To buy CD/listen to samples click here (iTunes)

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