Worlds Upon Worlds of Kindness – Ki Tavo (Parsha insights – Sages of Mussar)

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HaShem created the entire universe with the attribute of kindness – as King David declared: “The world was created in kindness” (Tehillim 89). In turn, all functions of the entire creation – for instance, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the light and warmth of the sun, etc. – are founded upon and flow forth with kindness.

 The Talmud (Sanhedrin 37) teaches that all of the creations were created in great numbers – except for man. Adam was created as the sole human in the universe. Hence, HaShem revealed that each individual person is so precious, that HaShem created the whole world for him or her.    

The Torah (Devarim 28:9) teaches the purpose of human existence: And you shall walk in His ways. The Talmud (Shabbos 133) explains this verse: “Just as He is merciful, so should you be merciful. Just as He is kind, so should you be kind.“Hence, it is fitting for human beings to instill this precious attribute of kindness within their hearts.

Just as “The kindness of HaShem is forever” so too, man should emulate his Creator: he should continuously aspire to benefit and bestow delights on all creations, as much as he possibly can.

Moreover, reflection of the kindness that emanates from every cell – and entity – of heaven and earth, sheds light on the good path of life that we should traverse. Also, we learn an additional aspect of kindness from the creations – not to withhold kindness from any entity.  For instance, the sun gives its light everyday, even to those who stray from the truth – and worship the sun.

If the creations of HaShem perform continuous kindness, even to the unworthy, how much more so, should human beings – who are the intended recipients of all HaShem’s goodness – flow forth with uninterrupted kindness. Awareness of the endless, unbounded love of HaShem that bestows beauty and life upon us, is the highest inspiration for us to walk in His ways (based on the Ohr HaTzafon, of Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel).

Today: Consider the warmth that you enjoy from the sun – beam that warmth to others.

Copyright © 2010 by Rabbi Zvi Miller and the Salant Foundation

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