With A New Israeli App A Virtually Limitless Number Of Full-Resolution Photos May Be Shared At Lightning-Fast Speed Via Email And SM

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For the first time ever, a virtually limitless number of  full-resolution, original quality iPhone photos may be shared at lightning-fast speed via email,  Facebook and Twitter with Beamr – a new, free, iPhone app.

Beamr lets you easily share full-resolution iPhone photos as a glossy-style magazine with a custom cover, in just a few taps.


  • Photos are shared in their full resolution and quality (8 Megapixels on iPhone 4s and iPhone 5), so your family and friends can view, download, print and preserve your life memories.
  • Lightning-fast photo delivery using Beamr’s patent-pending media optimization technology saves you time, data costs and battery life.
  • Easily create your personal photo magazine: Select photos, customize your cover and share!
  • No registration required for sending or viewing photo magazines
  • Magazines can be shared over email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Page layouts are generated automatically for an optimal viewing experience on any computer, tablets or smart phone.

The iPhone has made ubiquitous our ability to capture life’s stories in unrivaled-quality eight megapixel photos, and Beamr represents a paradigm shift in how we share these stories.  Beamr is setting a new high standard for iPhone photo-sharing ease, quantity, speed, resolution and aesthetics, empowering consumers with a simpler, faster, more intuitive app that delivers full resolution, original quality photos – even panoramas – as the ‘cover story’ of a custom online magazine,” said Sharon Carmel, CEO of ICVT, developers of Beamr for iPhone.  “With the introduction of the iPhone5 and iOS6 platform, smartphone photo quality only continues to excel, so photo sharing apps need to keep up with these advancements. Whether iPhone photography is a casual daily activity, hobby or passion, we think that with Beamr people will discover a new appreciation for full-resolution images.

Beamr Makes Your iPhone Photos Your Cover Story

The new free Beamr app for iPhone is easy for anyone to use and no registration is required for sending or receiving files. Simply tap the red and white “b” app icon and your iPhone’s camera roll is quickly loaded into the app. Select as many photos as you want to include in your personal online magazine by tapping the images, then designate one as your Beamr magazine cover. With another tap, type in a magazine Title or theme, Issue name, and a Credit to indicate whose iPhone photos are telling the story. Tap Share, and in just seconds via email, Facebook or Twitter recipients receive the Beamr photo magazine link and can effortlessly view and download full-resolution, original quality photos.

Other photo apps either share very small images or share full-resolution images one at a time, very slowly.  To view images, other photo apps require user registration or that the receiver also have the app, but with Beamr viewing files is web-based so it does not require the recipient to download the app.

Proprietary Media Optimization Technology Retains Original Resolution, Compresses File Size

Beamr uses a proprietary patent-pending media optimization technology, which reduces the file size of photos by up to three times while retaining the original resolution.   Beamr technology, also used in ICVT’s highly acclaimed JPEGmini for Mac app (check out Photos on a Diet), imitates the perceptual qualities of the human visual system, ensuring each photo is compressed to the maximum extent possible by removing redundancies, without creating any visual artifacts in the process.

This digital science enables automatic, maximal compression of photo file size.  As a result, iPhone photos are delivered three times faster than other apps, saving battery life, time and data costs.  To foster the fastest, most beautiful and intuitively simple experience for both the sharer and receiver, Beamr magazine photos are auto-arranged and provide the optimal viewing experience based on the resolution and orientation of the viewer’s device.

About ICVT

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, ICVT is an innovative private young company comprised of the world’s leading imaging scientists, veterans of the Israeli technology industry who are also successful entrepreneurs. The company is focused on improving the quality, speed and user experience of photo and video sharing.

App:  Beamr by ICVT Ltd.

Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Category:   Photo & Video
Updated:  October 29, 2012
Publisher:    ICVT Ltd.
Price: Free  (get app)


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