Wierd Video Wishes “Shana Tovah” From Technion Israel, Aish HaTorah, A Capella Group Six13 And The Schusterman Foundation

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Most people dip an apple in honey for Rosh Hashanah, but…

At the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, they use physics. After students built  a  Rube  Goldberg  machine to light last year’s Hanukah candles,  Technion students used a crossbow and helium balloons to shoot an apple dipped in honey at  Technion President  Professor Peretz Lavie.

Aish HaTorah‘s parodied this summer’s runaway hit, “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell. They call it “Get Clarity,” and pepper the song with shofar blowing and break dancing in Jerusalem’s Old City.

A capella group Six13 parodied Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “The City Can’t Hold Us,” and served apples and honey to strangers in Times Square – including Hello Kitty.

The Schusterman Foundation came out with an original folk song with very cute animation to wish everyone a Shana Tovah.

Technion Dipping the Apple in Honey
Technion Dipping the Apple in Honey

Aiming Higher, a Rosh Hashanah New Year’s experiment. How we dip the apple in honey at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.
Follow this link to learn more about Technion: http://pard.technion.ac.il

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Get Clarity: Aish.com’s Rosh Hashanah Music Video

Fun, inspiring Rosh Hashanah music video to enjoy and share.

More inspiring Rosh Hashanah videos: http://www.aish.com/h/hh/video/

Written & Produced by Aish.com
Directed by Shoot East, http://www.shooteast.com
Music & Vocals by Menachem Herman http://www.menachemherman.com/
Music Production by Jeff Hurvitch
Choreography by Street Art Productions: Lions of Zion http://www.s-a-p.co.il/about-en.htm
With thanks to Daft Punk.
Cameramen: Sasha Gorev, Yirmiyahu Vann
Production Assistant: Bentzi Zeff

Download the mp3 at http://www.aish.com/h/hh/video/Get-Clarity-Aishcoms-Rosh-Hashanah-Music-Video.html

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Six13 – Shana Tova (2013 Rosh Hashanah Jam)

Send this song as a PERSONALIZED ROSH HASHANAH VIDEO CARD to your friends and family. It’s free! http://www.six13.com/#!/sendcard

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Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9HqJTD2E0Q

Six13 brings the high energy and unsinkable positive vibe of the Macklemore megahit “Can’t Hold Us” into the celebration the Jewish new year — from shul to tashlich to a apples-and-honey feast with some colorful New Yorkers.
Purchase the full-length version of this song on iTunes:

This song and all Six13 songs are completely a cappella — created with nothing but the human voice.

Professional Jewish a cappella group Six13 are the originators of today’s Jewish a cappella sound. They’ve performed to rave reviews for millions of people — at synagogues, religious schools, major sports events, JCCs, fundraising events, B’nai Mitzvah and private affairs alike, and received numerous awards for their four best-selling CDs. To find out more about how to bring Six13 to your community for an event that’s truly unforgettable, visit us at http://www.six13.com.



Arranged and produced by Mike Boxer
Recorded by Six13 and Marianne Cheng
Edited by Jeff Eames and Alex Koutzoukis
Mixed by Marty Gasper
Mastered by Dave Sperandio

Video shot, directed and produced by
Jeremy Horowitz – Top Shelf Productions

Special thanks to Cantor Dan Singer and Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, NYC

Six13 is:
Mike Boxer | Eric Dinowitz | Robert Operman
Craig Resmovits | Jacob Spadaro | Mordy Weinstein

(c) 2013 Six13


Lyrics (from the full-length version):

Return of the Rosh!
Hope you purchased your high holiday seats
Looking for a better way to get my Judaism
‘Stead of getting on the internet and checking out the Maccabeats
Now let’s step into the synagogue, time to get this davening on
Repent before our chance to get into the book of life’s gone
Let’s search our hearts and think back, let’s reflect on the year
Seems like just yesterday we did this, now a new one is here
Trust me, I’m an R-O-S-H H-A-S-H-A-N-A-H master
Ain’t nobody getting through that shmoneh esreh faster
Sitting in a room that’s got more Jews than the cast of Madagascar
Atonement’s what I’m after
It’s a new year, now we gotta do something
That’s our message to the people, from Tel Aviv to Monsey
It’s a new year, now we gotta do something
All the Jewish people, from Tel Aviv to Monsey

Can go we back, and hear the shofar
Today is the day, we’ll start the year over
Yes it’s Rosh Hashana and we’ll say Shana Tova
Yeah we’ll say shana tova

When yomtov’s over, all that t’shuvah, I can feel my heart beat
But I’m not gonna stop ’cause I got Yom Kippur in little more than one week
ROSH! Hashanah’s on.
Praying to the Lord trying to right my wrongs
Get a little chill when I hear that “tekiah gedolah”
So now I’m rollin’ through this davening feelin’ so right
Got this melody for ma’arivand it goes like…
Praying for hours and when all that is through
I know exactly what I’m gonna dip my apple into…
HONEY — because we want a year that’s happy and sweet
On this holiday no one tried to kill us but hey who cares, let’s eat!
Conservative, orthodox, reform, or whatever, no matter what kind of Jew you are
Our voices join worldwide, and we all say Shana Tova

Sha-na-na-na-na-na Tova
My Jewish people say…

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We also wishing everyone a great year of  health,  happiness,  good deeds,  and  many more wonderful years.  Shana Tovah.

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