Where Did All These Leaves Come From?, Hashem Loves Me And AlephBais: Three Cute Educational Apps For Kids

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The Mish and Mush series of books have enchanted children,  parents and teachers  from many different countries.

Mish and Mush, a delightful series of educational adventures shared by  Mish, Mush, Didi, Hush and a host of adorable characters.  Join Mish and Mush and their family and friends as they explore Judaism in a fresh, engaging and fun-loving way.

For a limited time, download “Where did all these leaves come from?”,  for free, and let your child learn about Hashem in a new,  funny way. Plus, receive a free  ‘AlephBais’ matching game (from alef  to yud).

In the second (In-App Purchases) app, “Hashem Loves Me“, your child will discover who loves them more than all of the stars in the sky. The third adorable app “Lets all catch the Aleph Bais” helps your child embark on an adventurous alef-bais race where they can learn the alefbais and colours in an exciting and interactive way.  Choose either Ashkenazi or Sephardi pronunciation.

Mish and Mush are cute,  funny,  entertaining,  engaging and educational apps created by Sarah Baila, Nissa Niasoff and Shani Diamond experienced educators dedicated to inspiring their students to live what they learn and aspire to genuine Torah values and practice.

Apps are recommended for children aged 2 – 6.   Mish and Mush characters come to life with sound, animation and interactive play for little hearts, minds,  eyes and fingers.

App:  Mish and Mush Creations by Sharon Diamond

Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Category:  Education
Released:  August 21, 2012
Publisher:  Shani Diamond Copyright © 2012 Shani Diamond, Sarah Baila Teleshevsky and Nissa Niasoff
Price: Free  (get app)


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