Parashat HaShavua By Rabbi Matis Weinberg In FrameWorks Journal For iPad

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FrameWorks  by  The Foundation for Jewish Publications  is the highly regarded Torah masterpiece by Rabbi Matis Weinberg.

The Foundation for Jewish Publications is a not-for-profit organization, launched in 1981 as a research affiliation and think tank dedicated to the identification, articulation and actualization of a dynamic, integrated Jewish world-view. Its publication arm was formally incorporated in 1989 as The Foundation for Jewish Publications Inc.

The innovative FrameWorks series, conceived and developed by the series’ author Matis Weinberg in the early 1990’s, has earned critical acclaim by laymen and bible scholars alike as a uniquely crafted collection of thought-provoking analytical essays on the Bible. Weinberg draws from across a wealth of historical texts and sources, subtly and progressively weaving together a powerfully cohesive vision that spans an eclectic spectrum of  Torah, science, history, and aesthetics.

Renana Books now offers you a timely FrameWorks essay downloaded each week to your iPad to facilitate your Shabbat preparations. Each week’s issue comes with Hebrew source texts, and is delivered the previous Saturday night so you have a full week to get into the coming parasha.

You can download issue-by-issue or save 50% with a subscription.

FrameWorks Journal for iPad


Category:   Education
Published:  January 24, 2014
Publisher:  Renana
Seller:  Raphael Freeman  ©  The Foundation for Jewish Publications 2014
Size: 39.3 MB
Language: English

Price:  Free (get app)

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Requirements: iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.




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