Wake Up King David To Ask The Almighty For Full Redemption And Peace [Psalms Apps]

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A letter from a soldier in Gaza:

Today our hearts are pounding in fear. Who of us will die? And who will return safely?

We are your messengers in fighting . We are fighting so you can live peacefully with your children. So you can stay alive. We are your protection. Will you be ours? We are going to this dangerous mission knowing some of us will not come back, but will rise to their next position in a storm to heaven, as Eliyahu the prophet did.

We are going with devotion and dedication.

We are asking you to be our protection with your prayers. Protect us by going above and beyond yourselves through spirituality and good deeds.

Pray for us. Pray that you won’t see another mother burying her son. Pray that you won’t see our wives as widows raise our children in tears. Pray that our children will grow up knowing who their fathers are. Pray that we will eliminate the terrorists who aim to destroy us, and that we will not injure innocent women and children.

Please, we are begging you, as you are reading this, don’t just go on to the next thing you are doing. Say a chapter of psalms. Wake up king David to ask the almighty for full redemption and peace for the all world. Take upon yourselves another good deed. And please pass this on. I’m certain that your prayer will make a difference.

Remember, we are in it together. We are on the front lines carrying the weapons and you are fighting along with us in your prayers. Each word of your prayer gives us strength, protection and success.

Jews around the world are saying Tehilim all day and all night, praying for the safety of their friends, family and all those in harms way during the conflict.

Due to the crisis situation in Israel some developers are trying to do their part in helping soldiers of IDF and people under rocket attacks.

There is a new,  free  iPhone app created  by  iApps called  קוראים תהילים  (Reading Psalms) which enables a shared reading of the Book of Psalms with your family and friends in Israel and all over the world. You can see in each chapter who read it and where in the world he or she reads it.  The app also allows you to add your family and friends to your favorites list and send them invitation for a shared reading in the book of Psalms. (Hebrew only)




RustyBrick wants to enable Jewish people around the world to say Tehillim easily for those in need. Their Tehilim app, now free for a limited time, is available for both iOS and Android.  You will need to download the free Android version, while the iOS version is made free automatically for the time being. (Hebrew and English)



If you need a little help in your Hebrew there is an iPhone app with mp3  files called TehiliMP3  includes Hebrew text, English translation and transliteration of  all 150  psalms.



There are also Tehilim (Psalms) apps for  Windows Phone  (Hebrew only) and Blackberry (Hebrew and English).

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