Voice Translation

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Lexifone, Haifa-based company released its star product  real  time  voice translation.  Lexifone  enables  enterprises  to  cater  to clientele  that  does not  speak  the  local  language.  Lexifone  breaks  down  language  barriers  by simply eliminating  them.

How does it work? Using any telephone the  user simply dials the Lexifone  number, s peaks and hears the other’s  response in his or her native language.

We’re all about the customer experience,” says Lexifone CEO and founder Dr. Ike Sagie. “Lexifone frees users from the stress and mistakes that can occur when communicating with someone who does not speak their language. Many of our customers are enterprises and that is why Lexifone’s telephony capabilities are so important”.

At a time when businesses are going mobile and smartphones are the rage, Lexifone is emphasizing that the service is accessible via landlines as well as by cellular phone. This wide range of accessibility makes Lexifone easy to use by anyone, anywhere. More pointedly, Lexifone’s landline capabilities position Lexifone as uniquely suitable as an Enterprise Solution.

Lexifone was initially trying to appeal to businesses that want to expand their clientele, but the company realized that their product could help people and organizations of all kind – including international call centers or health and municipal services.

With Lexifone there is no need for special phones or internet access. The enterprise does not need to acquire, set-up or maintain special hardware because Lexifone is a service not an application. Unlike other technological translation solutions, users do not download an app or buy dictionaries.

Lexifone is the technological, automated version of having a human translator on call 24/7 – the user simply dials the Lexifone service, speaks and hears the translation in his or her language.


Lexifone is applicable in many scenarios and for a wide variety of enterprises and organizations including (and not limited to) the travel industry (hotels, car rentals, entertainment centers etc.), international call centers, health, municipal services and security services (for example border control).

Do want to:

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To find out how, contact: sales@Lexifone.com


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