TropeTrainer For iPhone And iPad – App For Bar Mitzvah Teachers, Cantors, Rabbis And Jewish Educators

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With over a decade in the desktop Jewish software market,  Kinnor’s TropeTrainer became the standard for Bar/Bat Mitzvah teachers, cantors, rabbis and Jewish educators.

Get the exact same TropeTrainer clarity, accuracy and flexibility on your iPhone and iPad with Kinnor Software’s new TropeTrainer Mobile Jewish app for iPhones and iPads. 

You get text for the entire Torah, all Haftarah readings traditionally connected to every Shabbat and Holiday, and the five Megillot, displayed in easy-to-read Hebrew fonts.

You can buy audio for only the readings you want via in-app purchase: one Shabbat or Holiday, or get all the readings at a discount.

A state-of-the-art Hebrew speech synthesizer lets you hear every word with the ultimate in chanting accuracy and flexibility. Double-tap a word to hear it, select a word and play the rest of the verse, aliyah or entire reading. A cursor follows the audio so you can easily find your place in the Hebrew and side-by-side English translation.

Trope Combinations charts let you see, hear and learn the 70+ combinations of tropes found in each type of reading. Blessings before & after Torah, Haftarah and Megillah readings are included.


  • Innovative Reading List gives fast, easy access to any reading. Scroll through a list of upcoming readings by date, or select your reading through TropeTrainer’s comprehensive Jewish calendar
  • Jump directly to any aliyah or chapter
  • Switch among three views: Chumash (vowels & chanting symbols), Torah script, and two column Tikkun with both styles
  • Turn on colored highlighting of the three most common trope groups’s phrases
  • The app automatically calculates correct reading options for each year (combined & separate sedras, special maftirs, Haftarah & Holiday readings), and shows you only the verses for the year you want.
  • Annual & Triennial Cycle Torah readings
  • Create Custom Readings with only the verses your congregation uses for each aliyah or Haftarah reading
  • Recent reading list shows the last 16 readings you opened.
  • Shva Na/Shva Nach, Qamats Katan/Qamats Gadol & Munach Legarmeh are clearly marked.
  • Adjust the chanting speed, pitch, accent, and vocal range so you don’t struggle to match a pre-recorded voice.
  • Select from over 30 Torah chanting melodies including several selections for the special High Holidays melodies, plus two dozen Haftarah melodies.
  • Shabbat audio includes the standard morning and afternoon Torah readings, plus all special maftir and Haftarah readings read with that sedra, following Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Lubavitch and Italian customs.

Combined or separate  Torah  readings,  special readings,  annual or triennial cycle, the Torah schedule in the Diaspora and in Israel, complicated Holiday readings for both full and intermediate  Holiday days, even custom sets of verses:  TropeTrainer Mobile automatically shows you the texts you need, and puts the end-of-aliyah and end-of-reading melodies where they belong,  not just where someone recorded them.

App: TropeTrainer™ Mobile by Kinnor Software


Compatible:  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (requires iOS 4.3 or later)
Category:  Education
Released:  September 18, 2013
Publisher:  Kinnor Software, Inc.
Price: $24.99 (buy app)

In-App Purchases

Audio for all Torah and Haftarah readings (no Megillot) – $59.99
Audio for all Torah, Haftarot and Megillot readings – $79.99
Audio for Megillat Esther -$7.99
Audio for Bo Torah and Haftarah readings – $7.99
Audio for Emor Torah and Haftarah readings – $7.99
Audio for Sh’mot Torah and Haftarah readings – $7.99
Audio for Yom Kippur Torah and Haftarah readings – $7.99
Audio for B’har+B’chukotai Torah and Haftarah readings – $7.99
Audio for Rosh Hashanah Torah and Haftarah readings – $7.99
Audio for Sh’lach Torah and Haftarah readings – $7.99



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