Traditional Jewish Texts To Encounter Modern Technology On Global Scale

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The first-ever global conference of Jewish learning, including music and art performances, will take place online this November 17th.  The Global Day of Jewish Learning will broadcast 24×24: 24 classes from 24 speakers around the globe – free of charge and live using Google Hangouts On Air and YouTube. 24×24 begins at 7pm EST on Saturday, November 16th.

On November 17th, the fourth annual Global Day of Jewish Learning will unite 400 communities in 40 countries through the study of Jewish texts. It is sponsored by the Aleph Society, under the aegis of  Rabbi Steinsaltz. Rabbi Steinsaltz has recently completed a 45-volume Hebrew translation and elucidation of the Talmud, the first such commentary since the 11th Century. He is also the author of 60 books on philosophy, language, mysticism and history.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Rabbis, scholars, artists and professors will engage with this year’s Global Day theme, “Creating Together: Jewish Approaches to Creativity and Collaboration.

Rabbi David Wolpe (Los Angeles), Newsweek‘s most influential rabbi in America, will teach: “How Moses Learned to Speak.

Rabbi Elie Kaunfer (New York), Executive Director of Mechon Hadar, will challenge viewers with his talk, “How Can I Pray What I Don’t Believe? Creativity and Prayer Interpretation.

Dr. Norma Joseph (Montreal) will address “And Hannah Cried: Women, Prayer and Creating Community.

The band Stereo Sinai will perform songs and discuss their Jewish-text-based lyrics in their session, “We Steal Lyrics from G-d.” Multi-media artist Hanan Harchol of Jewish Food for Thought, in his hour on “Making Jewish Wisdom Accessible Through Art,” will screen two episodes from his animated series and give a tour of his current exhibit. Dara Horn, novelist, will describe the “The Theological Art of Storytelling.

24×24 is a free resource open to everyone – participants can watch the videos live on on November 17th.  Viewers around the world will be able to sit in on classes broadcast from in-person community events worldwide. Virtual communities and individuals at home will be able to ask questions live on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. These videos will also be available on YouTube.

Sara Wolkenfeld, Director of Outreach and Education at Sefaria, who will teach about “Creating Shabbat,” described 24×24 as, “a new opportunity to continue these ancient conversations across geographical and denominational boundaries.

Karen Sponder, Project Director, explained that, “our use of Google Hangouts On Air marks the first time this platform will be used for Jewish learning on a global scale.  We hope that 24×24 will inspire others to use the Internet to unite the worldwide Jewish community, and make it easier to access Jewish learning.


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