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Lectures by Rabbi Yosef  Mizrachi. Rabbi Mizrachi has spoke in more than 4000 lectures, participated in many weekend seminars, radio shows, and others in English and Hebrew.

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi was born in 1968. He was raised in Israel where he studied until 1986. In 1986, he was drafted to the Israeli Military (IDF) and served in the Air Force. Immediately after his release from military, he immigrated to New York City where he was involved in the Financial District.

In 1994, Rabbi Mizrachi decided to dedicate his life to the awareness of Judaism among secular Jews. It was in that year, he began coordinating lectures & seminars among Israelis in the New York – New Jersey area. In 1997 he left the financial district and enrolled for his Rabbinical Studies in a Yeshiva in Monsey, New York. At that time, Rabbi Mizrachi moved from New York City to Monsey, a small, quiet Orthodox-Jewish town in Upstate New York. During that time, Rabbi Mizrachi resumed his activities through various lectures and seminars in many schools, local synagogues and private events. Since 1994, Rabbi Mizrachi has lectured in over 2000 events in which he enriched the knowledge and awareness of Judaism among thousands of Jews who once were lacking Jewish awareness whatsoever. Rabbi Mizrachi’s unique hospitality for Shabbat is well famous to many lucky guests who spend an impressive and unforgettable Shabbat in his house in Monsey.

In 2002, Rabbi Mizrachi, along with Yuval Ovadia, a former HBO director, produced video called: “Divine Information.” This successful video was duplicated and distributed to more than 200,000 people.

During the day, Rabbi Mizrachi teaches Gemarah in Yeshivat “Ohr Yisrael” in Monsey. For more visit his website.

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