The Ultimate Enterprise (Tehillim 8:2)

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HaShem, our G-d, how mighty is Your Name over all the earth; You place Your glory upon the heavens.”

The royal ministers were traveling to the palace with the glorious crown that was commissioned for the coronation of the new king. The elegant crown sparkled with gold and diamonds. As they approached the city gates, the ministers came upon some peasants who were plowing a field.

The ministers showed the crown to the peasants, who were amazed by the beauty of the crown. Then one of the  ministers asked the peasants if they would trade their plow for the crown.

The crown is beautiful but if we traded away our plows we would be unable to farm the land,” claimed one of the peasants.

“You are not thinking clearly,” said the minister. “If you possessed this crown you could sell it for millions of dollars. You could buy these fields and hire your own workers!”

The crown in the story represents the invaluable Torah. It is worth it  for us “to trade some of our time” during the day for the precious gift of Torah study. The holiness, light, and eternal benefit that we receive from the Torah is worth far more than all the gold and gems in the world.     

Even the angels desire the Torah, and proclaim, “You place Your glory upon the heavens.” For the words of Torah are set like radiant diamonds on HaShem’s Crown. Through the words of  Torah HaShem created heaven and earth. May we embrace the Torah and connect to LIFE, itself  (based on the parables of the Chofetz Chaim).

Today: Set aside some time each day to study the holy Torah — and enjoy the light.

Copyright © 2010 by Rabbi Zvi Miller and the Salant Foundation

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