The “The Times Of Israel” Is Now Optimized For Mobile Phone Devices

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“The Times of Israel” is a popular English-language news website which covers “Israel, the region, and the Jewish people worldwide” according to that site’s nameplate. Its headquarters are in Jerusalem’s German Colony neighbourhood. “The Times of Israel” was launched in February 2012. Its founder and editor is David Horovitz, formerly of  The Jerusalem Post and The Jerusalem Report.  It receives financial support from Boston, Massachusetts-based Seth Klarman. 

We are independent; we’re not attached or affiliated with any political party. [The Times of Israel is] an independent, fair-minded journalistic venture, and I think it’s incredibly important to give people a sense of the options that Israel faces and create an informed and constructive debate.  —  David Horovitz, The Forward

The Times competes for readership with The Jerusalem PostHaaretz, and The Forward.

The “The Times of Israel” is now optimized for mobile phone devices.

Open on your iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone, and you’ll find yourself automatically on a fast-loading version of the site designed to give you the easiest access to “The Times of Israel” content.

The “Home” screen presents our top stories and scrolls down through the familiar sections of the site.

Tap “Latest” and you’ll see freshest headlines, with tab options to see newest features and newest blogs. The “Latest” drop-down on iPhone

The “Sections” button gives you easy access to various section pages, and the “Daily Edition” button opens once-a-day summary of the site’s most important content.

Once you’ve tapped through to any article, you’ll also see arrows to “Newer” and “Older” articles, enabling you to read forwards and backwards through content of the site, piece by piece.

“The Times of Israel” mobile version is designed to reflect the design and ethos of the site — prioritizing important content and showcasing it with strong photographs, highlighting related pieces, and offering a rich mix of clearly distinguished news, features and oped coverage from Israel, the region and the Jewish world.

All of “The Times of Israel” content remains available free of charge.

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