The Power of Intention (Parsha Insights – Terumah)

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In His love for the People of Israel, HaShem illuminated us with the light of the holy Torah, the Divine Wisdom. In addition, He planted treasures of knowledge within these eternal words. For instance, the Torah states (Shemos 25:2): “And let them take for Me a portion,” and (Shemos 25:9): “They shall make Me a sanctuary.”

The word “Me” is unusual phraseology for the Torah. In other cases, the Torah simply states a given injunction, such as, “Honor your father and mother.” What is the lesson conveyed in this word, “Me.”

In truth, the word “Me” reveals one of the greatest secrets of spiritual advancement. Specifically, “Me” teaches us the tremendous significance of dedicating each act that we do to its true and highest purpose. That is, before performing an act a person should say: “For the sake of holiness.”

When a singer dedicates a song to someone, a new dimension of meaningfulness and warmth sparks to life. So too, when we dedicate our deeds “For the sake of holiness,” the spiritual dynamics of the deed – its focus, balance, and sanctity – blossom forth like a budding flower. Our living soul awakens like an incandescent flame and becomes one both with the deed and with HaShem.

At this level of awareness, we bring sanctity upon ourselves, B’nei Yisrael, and upon the whole world. May we use this extraordinary yet easy advice to reach ever new levels of sanctity, focus, and joy  (based on Magid Mesharim of Rabbi Yoseph Cairo).

Today: Before doing a mitzvah, act of kindness, or engaging in Torah study say quietly to yourself: “For the sake of holiness.”

Copyright © 2010 by Rabbi Zvi Miller and the Salant Foundation

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