“The New People”

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Ivri Lider (born 1974) is a popular Israeli musician and singer-songwriter who has won the “Male Singer of the Year” honor on all the major national and local radio stations and has sold over 160,000 albums.

His self-penned debut album Melatef Umeshaker (Caressing And Lying) was released in 1997. The singles “Leonardo” and “Tamid Ahava” (“Always Love”) were instant radio hits and the album went platinum in Israel.

Ivri’s second album, Yoter Tov Klum Mi Kima’at (Better Nothing Than Almost), was released two years later. Again written entirely by Ivri, the album included giant hits such as “Hultzat Passim” (“Striped Shirt”), “Hakos Ha’kchula” (“The Blue Glass”) and the title track, “Yoter Tov Clum”. The album again went platinum as well. Ivri’s second tour, “Yoter Tov Clum Mikimat”, ran for 150 performances and won many prestigious awards including “Performer of the Year”, awarded at the Israeli Music Industry’s “Tamuz 2000” ceremony.

The success of his first two albums, established Ivri as an important singer-songwriter of the younger generation. The success of the tours that followed the release of each album established him as one of the most popular performers in Israel.

January 2002 saw the release of Ivri’s third album, Ha-Anashim Ha-Hadashim (The New People). This time, the production was a “solo run” for Ivri, who came up with an excellent new electronic sound. “Ha’anashim Ha’khadashim” produced a number of hits including “Batei Kaffe” and “Al Kav Hamayim”. The album was certified gold and over 30,000 copies were sold.

During that same year, Ivri collaborated with Idan Raichel, who was at the time playing keyboards in Ivri’s band. Ivri produced and arranged the song “Bo’i” (“Come”) which became a huge hit for Idan Raichel.

Ivri composed original music for the Eytan Fox & Gal Uchovsky film Yossi and Jagger. The soundtrack included a cover of Rita’s hit “Bo” (“Come”) sung by Ivri. This new interpretation received rave reviews and became one of 2003’s most popular tracks on the radio.

Ze Lo Otto Davar (It’s Not The Same) was released in February 2005 and immediately became a hit. In this album, Ivri decided to use the computer as a recording device only, and created a clean and completely different sound. An orchestra of 40 musicians played the stringed instruments that can be heard throughout the album. The result was apparent early on when the first single to be released, “Zachiti Le’ehov” (“I Was Blessed To Have Loved”), became an overnight hit. This was followed by “Nissim”, “Lehavin Et Hamayim” (“Understanding The Water”) and the album’s title track. The album was certified gold within a month.

October 2005 saw Ivri winning the “Male Singer of the Year” honor from all the major national and local radio stations.

Price: $9.99 (listen to a sample, buy CD)
Genres: World, Music
Released: Nov 22, 2005, ℗ Helicon Ltd

“The New People / Ha’anashim Ha’chadashim”
Album of Ivri Lider with the song from the movie “Yossi & Jager” (#15)

1. Ha-anashim ha-hadashim
2. Le-batei kafe
3. Levad
4. Al kaf ha-mayim
5. Zman
6. Kartisei eshrai
7. Mithamem
8. Horef
9. Ish yakar
10. Puejeot zvait
11. Shirim
12. Kshe kol yaavor
13. Sfarad
14. Geshem aharon
15. Bo

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