The Light of Torah

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(As you enter the doorway to your home, you kiss the Mezuzah. Next, perhaps you sit at your desk and write a check to give Tzedakah. Then after you eat lunch, you say the Birchas HaMazon. During the course of the day, we perform countless Mitzvoth.

What takes place when we perform a Mitzvah?

When the Children of Israel completed the construction of the Mishkan (Tabernacle), the Torah states (Shemos 39:34), “And the Children of Israel did according to everything that HaShem commanded Moses.”

This verse reveals that all of the holiness that was conveyed when HaShem issued the actual injunction to assemble the Mishkan, all of the depth and secrets of the Mitzvah, all the knowledge and light that HaShem revealed to Moses at Mount Sinai – all of this splendor – was contained in the collective deed of the People of Israel, when they constructed the Mishkan.

This idea sheds light on our question, “What takes place when we perform a Mitzvah?” Each Mitzvah that we do encompasses far more than the physical action. Rather, each Mitzvah is permeated with holiness and purity, for each Mitzvah emanates from HaShem. Therefore, when we perform a Mitzvah, we connect to HaShem, the Creator of heaven and earth. All of the spiritual treasures, i.e., the very essence of HaShem’s commandment, are released and surround us with holiness and purity.

In other words, the simple deed, i.e., the performance of the Mitzvah, and the esoteric holiness embedded in every Mitzvah is inseparable. May we merit through our performance of Mitzvoth that the Shechinah rest upon the Nation of Israel as per the verse: “May the pleasantness of HaShem be upon us, and may He establish the deeds of our hands.” (based on Da’as Torah of Rav Yerucham of Mir).

Today: Before you do a Mitzvah, reflect that the Mitzvah that you do connects you to the glorious Light of HaShem.

Copyright © 2010 by Rabbi Zvi Miller and the Salant Foundation

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