The Largest Archive Of Jewish Newspapers As A Free Online Collection

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A collection of 19th and 20th century Jewish newspapers from America, Mandatory Palestine and Israel, France, Morocco, Poland and elsewhere now available in a digital versions of each newspaper, in the original layouts, and with searchable text.

In the project are uploaded to the Internet hundreds of thousands (1,173,773 – March 04, 2014) of  pages of Jewish newspapers from around the world and a variety of  languages​​.  The newspapers are all scanned from the repositories of the National Library of  Israel and other partners in the project, this enables researchers and the general public to access the actual documentation of  historical events from the perspective of the press in those days.

The project aims to put up 2 million newspaper pages,  Hebrew and other languages.


The Historical Jewish Press website is a joint project of  Tel-Aviv University and the Israeli National Library,  in collaboration with other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations throughout the world.  The site includes the largest archive of  Jewish newspapers published in different countries, languages, and time periods.

The website already includes 26 newspapers and periodicals, among them the major Israeli dailies Palestine Post (1930-1950), Davar (1925-1996), and Maariv (1948-present); the Jewish French periodical Bulletin de l’Alliance Israélite Universelle (1860-1913); most of the 19th Century Hebrew newspapers, including Halevanon, Hamagid, Hameliz etc., and journals from a broad range of countries like Morocco, Egypt and Hungary.  There will be special sections for the English, French, Yiddish, Ladino and Judeo-Arabic press.

The website, which is a non-profit project that is free and open to the public, marks a breakthrough in the accessibility and quantity of sources available for the research of Jewish history and culture. It gives users the ability, in the click of a “mouse”, to search for keywords in one or many newspaper, facilitating searches for public figures, communities, institutions, families, events, etc.


The Website serves scholars and students from all over the world and from a variety of disciplines: history, literature, linguistics, communications, and more.  It crosses not only linguistic and geographical divides, but also religious and political lines. For instance, many North African Muslim students take advantage of  its archive of Jewish French newspapers.

The website is not reserved f’or the academic campuses. The project initiators’ goal is to benefit the entire education system—to give teachers a tool through which to connect their pupils directly with yesterday’s events and discoveries.

The Historical Jewish Press website – click here

(via  Mantel Foundation)

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