The Keter Shelomo Siddur App – Prayers According To Syrian Sephardic Tradition

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The Keter Shelomo Siddur App is a free, user-friendly Application featuring the complete text of the daily prayers and blessings (including birkat hamazon) according to Syrian Sephardic tradition, along with a clear, precise, linear English translation. The translation appears alongside the Hebrew text enabling users easy access to the English text to help their understanding and concentration during tefila.

The App contains a complete Table of  Contents with a easy-to-navigate sub menu, pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-turn features, and a search feature allowing users to quickly find whichever section of  the Siddur they need.

The Keter Shelomo Siddur App is ideally suited for today’s busy schedule which often requires “praying on the run,” enabling you to pray from a precise text with a clear translation using your mobile device, wherever you are.

How to use the app:

  • Page swipe (hold the thin black border and swipe to turn the page) – 3 easy ways to turn the pages:  (1)  hold and swipe from thin black border;  (2) use the arrows at the top of the app to quickly turn pages; (3) use lower menu bar to quickly navigate the app
  • Search (use the search function to quickly and easily find prayers)
  • Bookmark (use the bookmark to quickly get back to the page you were viewing)
  • Pinch and Zoom (clearly view all text)
  • Table of Contents (use the Table of Contents to find a particular prayer or page, each prayer is separated into sub drop down categories for easy access and viewing)
  • Brightness control (control the brightness of the app directly from the menu on the app)
  • Lower menu bar (search and scroll the Siddur quickly and easily)

App:  Siddur Keter Shelomo (סדור כתר שלמה) by Abraham Churba

Compatible:  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Category:   Reference
Released:  November 22, 2012
Publisher:  Abraham Churba © United Holdings Group LLC
Price:  Free  (get app)

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