The Jewish Kid from Miami – One-Armed Combat Soldier

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Izzy Ezagui like many young American Jews have visited Israel a few times throughout his childhood. On his third visit, at the age of 19, he silently vowed to return to Israel in order to defend the Holy Land.

Not more then half a year later he found himself training beside Israeli soldiers. He was enrolled in the Kfir Brigade, Haruv Battalion, a non-elite combat infantry unit and went through basic training.

As soon as he had completed combat training his unit was sent to defend the border of Gaza during Operation Cast Led.  Operation Cast Led broke out in mid December of 2008 due to incoming rocket fire from Gaza being aimed toward the civilian population of Israel.

Three weeks into the battle he was hit by a rocket that took off  his left arm from above the elbow. After a year of intense rehabilitation he volunteered his services to the Israeli army once again and within a few months of training became the first soldier ever to return to combat after such an injury.

He went on to become a Staff Sergeant and successfully lead a squad of thirteen infantrymen through their advanced training. For this, he received an award from the Chief of  Staff as well as the President of Israel, Shimon Peres.

But there is much more to the story and this is the reason he wants to write a book.  Now he is seeking help in order to hire a good writing team for the job of telling his story. He needs our participation to complete it.

Izzy launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funds that will allow for the publication of  his memoir.



As “Algemeiner” writes about this project

“his voice deserves to be heard for the following reasons:

Firstly, it is only once in a rare while that the story of one man captures the story of a people and a relatively small moment in time reflects the journey of an era. Izzy’s experience embodies the challenging narrative of modern day Jewish resurgence, and he calls on us all to face setbacks with renewed vigor and resolve. As nations, the United States and Israel have lost many limbs, but our commitment to our duty to defend and preserve our values and ideals must remain steadfast.

Secondly, around the world and on a daily basis, anti-Semites and media bandits work diligently to portray the IDF as a brute occupying force. Izzy’s project presents an opportunity for ordinary well-meaning individuals to hear from, and interact with, a relatable true face of Israel’s soldiers. Understanding that the Jewish army is an unadulterated force for justice in this world, made up of individuals who ask first and foremost what they can give of themselves to others.”

Izzy says about his book “I want to get the story out to as many people as possible.  It is a story that could have ended very differently but proves that, with the right amount of  heart, anyone can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of people around them.

In order to help just visit  Look Mom,  No Hand!  The Memoirs of a One-Armed Combat Soldier Project page  and  follow the simple instruction.



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