The International Jewish Cookbook

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This cookery book first published in 1919, is called the International Jewish Cookery Book, and the author is FLORENCE KREISLER GREENBAUM. Over 600 pages of very simple and interesting recipes that deserve to be used.

In her own words – In compiling these recipes every effort has been made to bear in mind the resources of the Jewish kitchen, as well as the need of being economical and practical.

The aim throughout has been to lay special emphasis on those dishes which are characteristically Jewish – those time-honored recipes which have been handed down the generations by Jewish housewives (for the Sabbath, Passover, etc). But the book contains a great many other recipes besides these, for the Jewish cook is glad to learn from her neighbours. Here will be found the favourite recipes of Germany, Hungary, Austria, France, Russia, Poland, Romania, etc.; also hundreds of recipes used in the American household. In fact, the book contains recipes of every kind of food appealing to the Jewish taste, which the
Jewish housewife has been able to adapt to the dietary laws, thus making the Cook Book truly International.

Mrs. Greenbaum knows the housewife’s problems through years of personal experience, and knows also how to economise. Many of these recipes have been used in her household for three generations and are still used daily in her home. There is no one better qualified to write a Jewish Cook Book than she.

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Released: January 07, 2010
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
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