The Five eBooks of Moses – Digital, Animated Torah By G-dcast

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What did Noah say to the lions when the rains started? Just how colourful was Joseph’s coat?  Why did Sarah laugh when she learned that she would become a mother at the age of 90? Read the full Biblical text, watch the 55 animated short videos, engage with discussion questions for further learning and exploration, and find out.

Though the phrase “bring a book to life” may sound clichéd, G-dcast goes above and beyond.  Not only is their eBible digital,  it’s also animated. Every parsha is accompanied by its own 4-minute animated video depicting the stories in a condensed YouTube-era film bite. G-dcast’s new animated venture is certainly crafted from a Jewish point of view. However, its intent is to appeal broadly to teachers and students of all religious backgrounds as a 21st century introduction to the Hebrew roots of  The Good Book.

To get users acquainted with the stories, each chapter in the eBible begins with an animated short. The eBook includes 55 original Bible episodes, starting in The Garden of Eden, taking reader-viewers to the crossing of the Red Sea and beyond. Each video tells the story of that chapter with insights and interpretations by today’s leading Jewish scholars, artists and commentators. The last page of each chapter features discussion questions, offering a turnkey learning experience for all manner of educational settings.

We’re very excited about this project,” said G-dcast’s founder and Executive Director Sarah Lefton. “We saw a way to combine eBook technology and the films we’ve already produced to make Bible study dynamic. We hope The Five eBooks adds something fun and substantial to the conversation about digital textbooks in the classroom and as their own standalone mobile classrooms.

To the delight of Sunday school students everywhere, G-dcast’s digital, video-centric, interactive eBible makes a book notorious for its density both accessible and—dare they say it?—fun. This eBook is a delightful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Hebrew Bible in a unique and engaging way—individuals, families, teachers, and kids alike.

G-dcast is a non-profit production company dedicated to raising worldwide Jewish literacy using the tools and storytelling style that speak to today’s youth. To date, G-dcast has created over 70 films – all available for free at and based on Jewish texts- that have been viewed over a million times on the web, social media networks, and mobile devices. G-dcast’s companion curricula are in use by over 3000 educators at institutions across the Jewish spectrum and around the world. Based in San Francisco, G-dcast’s staff presents creative art and text workshops regularly at schools, synagogues, camps and professional development conferences around the world.

iBook:  The Five eBooks of  Moses by G-dcast

Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Category:  Bibles
Published: October 09, 2012
Publisher:  G-dcast
Price: $14.99  (buy iBook)




If you’d like to see what The Five eBooks of Moses looks like, please download the free sample chapter from the Apple iTunes product page. The eBible is available to educators at a 50% discount for 20 copies or more.


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