The Case For Judaism – New Book by Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov – #1 At Amazon Best Sellers in Jewish Theology

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The response to the question of “why be Jewish” has got to be powerful, internal, and motivational. It must get to the core of the Jew who is asking; and it has to be thought out, sensible, relatable, and well presented.

“The Case For Judaism” is just that. Drawing on master teachers of our time, Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov – an orator of note himself – flows from one foundational Jewish tenet to the next, providing fresh and convincing basis for the Jewish belief system. By examining and elucidating key core issues, such as how we can know there is a G-d, how we can posit that G-d gave the Torah, and why we believe the Oral Tradition to be legitimate and relevant, “The Case For Judaism” constructs a working model of what Judaism is and why we ought to take another look at it in a real way.

This book addresses the grand question of “Why Judaism?”. Its mission is to present a brief outline, explanation, and elucidation of the key core issues.

Topics covered include:

  • How can we know that there is a G-d?
  • How can we intelligently posit that G-d gave the Torah?
  • Why believe the Oral Tradition to be legitimate and relevant?
  • How is Judaism to be brought to life in modern society?
  • Why consider the possibility of a realm beyond the physical?
  • Why are the Jews so hated?
  • Isn’t it enough to be a good and moral person?
  • Is there more than one way to “do” Judaism?

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Readers reviews

“The Rabbi has a great ability in bringing complex mystical ideas down into a simple to understand language that is very relatable.”

“This book was absolutely mind blowing! It’s got so many rich ideas that sadly, most people do not know exist within Judaism.”

“This book is written so well. It is concise and well thought out and shows the importance of the topic at hand.”

rabbi-Eliyahu-Yaakov-DeutschThrough his captivating “By-Choice” book series, presentations, and seminars, Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov inspires individuals of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at their lives from the perspectives of Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah.

With a plethora of parallels, explanatory precision, and his unique brand of  humor, Rabbi Eli masterfully communicates abstract ideas in lucid and transformative ways that invigorate the well-read student and newcomer alike.

Rabbi Eli’s teachings and writings have been dubbed “a breath of fresh air” and “life-changing” by those in search of truth, joy, love, fulfilment, wholeness – and themselves.

The Case For Judaism“ by Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Deutsch  is available for iPhone,  iPod Touch,  iPad with free Amazon app (download app – here), get Amazon app for BlackBerry – here,  for Android – here and for PC – here

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Publisher: National Light (March 2, 2013
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Paperback – $9.99 (Order here)

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