Cyber Monday Apps’ Sales

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Two of Davka’s best-selling apps, Tanach Bible, and Alef Bet Schoolhouse, are on sale this Thanksgiving weekend through this coming Monday, for just 99¢ each.

Tanach Bible is an ideal study tool for the Hebrew and English Bible on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Features crisp Hebrew text with precise placement of  Hebrew vowels and cantillation marks, and verse-by-verse synchronization between Hebrew, English, and Rashiʼs commentary. This app includes: all 24 books of the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew and English, Hebrew text of  Rashi on entire Tanach,  Rashi on Chumash includes vowels. You can easily navigate between all books and chapters of the Bible and also bookmark, email and copy and paste text.

Tanach Bible supports full text searching in both English and Hebrew,  has advanced search functionality in both languages, as well as support for AirPrint. (for more details and download click here)

Alef Bet Schoolhouse features four engaging and enjoyable activities that teach pronunciation of Hebrew letters, recognition of letter shapes, the order of the Hebrew alphabet,  and the differences between letters of similar appearance.

The ‘Meet the Alef Bet’ section displays each Hebrew letter with a picture of a word that begins with that letter, accompanied with delightful animation and audio pronunciation of the letter and word. The ‘Magical Alef Bet Game’ presents a sequence of Hebrew letters that need to be placed in their proper order. The ‘Unscrambulator’ requires players to reassemble scrambled Hebrew letters into their correct shapes, while ‘Name that Letter’ places different letters of similar appearance on the screen that must be identified and distinguished from one another.

Alef Bet Schoolhouse, with its vibrant graphics, fun audio and entertaining activities, is an ideal Hebrew learning tool for pre-schoolers. (for more details and download click here)

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Also RustyBrick is running a sale across all its iPhone apps for Cyber Monday. The sale includes:

Alef Bet $5 -> $2
Expecting $5 -> $1
Guide to the Old City of Jerusalem $3 -> $1
Jewish Radio $3 -> $1
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch $15 -> $12
Kosher $5 -> $4
Mikvah $8 -> $6
Mishneh Torah – Rambam $10 -> $8
Mizrach Compass $1 -> FREE!
My Little Black Book $4 -> $1
Parking Meter $2 -> $1
Selichos $3 -> $2
Siddur $10 -> $8
Siddur HD $20 -> $16
Tanach $15 -> $12
Tefilla Pack $3 -> $1
Tehilim $2 -> $1
Tikun Korim $20 -> $16
Torah for iPad $8 -> $6

For more details, visit  RustyBrick blog.


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