Temple Timeline – The Story Of The Beit HaMikdash [Android Game]

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Are you happy with your kid shooting birds for hours on your smartphone?  Have you ever tried to find a Hanukkah present for your kids that they would enjoy, yet it would also enrich and teach them something Jewish? Perhaps a mobile game, that is also educational?

Agadeta Games released Temple Timeline,  a first Jewish mobile game that presents unique pictures from The Temple Institute of  important historical events,  connected to the Beit HaMikdash, from the period of the creation of the World up until the Babylonian Exile.

Learn the story of the Holy Temple and reveal the Temple Miracles, a unique game that was made possible with collaboration of  The Temple Institute.  Years of  research by Rav  Yisrael Ariel, the founder of  The Temple Institute (Machon HaMikdash)  were put into preparing one of the kind pictures that for the first time ever are now featured in a mobile app.

There are no other pictures of the Jewish Heritage that so accurately portray these events with so much detail strictly according to the Jewish Traditional sources.  Agadeta Games work hard to bring to you this treasure in an entertaining way, so that you can have fun, while learning sequence of events in the Jewish History that bring us to where we are now.

Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Unique Temple Institute pictures
  • 2 game difficulty modes:

Regular with 12 Temple events
Advanced with 20 Temple events

  • 2 game length versions:

Blitz (short) – a 30 second game
Long – a 2 minute game

Explore Timeline – this feature lets you explore the entire Timeline at your convenience, while not playing the game.

Temple Miracles, which are revealed when a game is successfully played with 3 stars on the score board.

There is also a free  online version of this game.  The online  game has only regular mode with 12 Temple Events and does not reveal the Temple Miracles.

This game is appropriate for the entire family and for children from reading age and up. It is an excellent Hanukkah gift.

App: Temple Timeline by Agadeta


Released: December 5, 2012  (Updated: March 11, 2013)
Size: 8.3M
Price:  $0.99  (Google Play Link)

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