Talmud Keys (update)

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The Talmud students can now enjoy an updated version of  Talmud Keys 1.1 –  Hebrew-English dictionary by Davka. The updated version offers some new features such as: adding additional Hebrew-Aramaic words, utilizing right-to-left text entry for Hebrew, and standard left-to-right text entry for English translation. Thanks to the new features the whole product becomes more user friendly.  Apart from the words that were included in the original list of the app the students can include new words as they learn them. The system adds the new words and sorts them in Hebrew alphabetical order.

Talmud Keys comprises of 500 pre-listed common Hebrew-Aramaic words, expressions and abbreviations. Complete with English translation the whole product is offered in a user-friendly,  scrollable form. Written in an esoteric combination the Talmud can be sometimes very hard to decipher. In order to make the students’ life a bit easier, the app offers them the possibility to browse through the word listings, view the words and phrases in alphabetical order, or search the database in Hebrew or English.

The dictionary was created by experienced Talmud educators. Using their thorough knowledge of Talmud they made the dictionary easy to use and as much self explanatory as possible. The entries come with the original words and the English translation. The whole is written in large English and Hebrew characters. Additionally the dictionary gives listing of common Hebrew-Aramaic abbreviations together with their expanded forms and English translation. To facilitate the studying even more the Talmianiaud Keys has the  listing of the names of every Talmudic tractate and the titles of each chapter.

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(Mati Szmidt)

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