TAKEphONE Gold Hebrew version

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TAKEphONE Gold will change the way you use your phone to make calls:

– Always on T9 keypad: no more scrolling through multiple pages to get to those last alphabet contacts, or scrolling to the top search field to start a search.
– Big keypad buttons: no more efforts to tap names using the relatively small keyboard buttons.
– “Dial by photo” – instantly call your favorite contacts by tapping their photo from the main page.
– Instant redial – shows the last call you made right on the front page for single-tap redial.

“Search” tab:
– Large (and I mean LARGE) on-screen buttons, always on screen at the start (“Search”) screen.
– Tap a phone number using those large buttons to manually dial it or to add it to an existing/new contact.
– Search for contact in a super fast & sophisticated way – using a T9-like mechanism (e.g. to search for John”
simply tap the “JKL”, “MNO”, “GHI”, “MNO” buttons).
– You can search fields, words within fields, or even free text within words.
– Even more – you can use the “…and…” button (tap the ‘*’ button) to combine fields (e.g. enter jo…and…do” to search for “John Doe”).
– You can even speed-dial the first 10 favorite entries of TAKEphONE right from the main screen by tapping &
holding the 0-9 on-screen button.
– NEW: you can show a “last call” line on startup for fast redialing.
– NEW: you can show an “i-Bar” line on startup for fast “dial by photo” functionality.

“Speed Dial” tab:
– Up to 50 favorite entries arranged in 5 pages of 5×2 large buttons for easy dialing.
– Tap & HOLD to popup a menu with more options: open details screen of a favorite entry – allowing dialing of
other phone fields for that contact, or starting an SMS message, etc.
– Add entries from the main “Search” tab.

“Recents” tab:
– A list of the last outgoing calls for easy redialing.
– Ordered so that the last made call is always on top.
– Tap & HOLD an entry to view contact details and maybe call its other phone fields.

TAKEphONE Gold makes using your device as a phone as fast & easy as it can be.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch

Category: Utilities
Released: January 18, 2010
Publisher: Shimon Shnitzer
Price: $1.99 (buy app)

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