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SpinChat, BubbleTree’* project inspired by Chatroulette, is a video chat application with a twist. It enables users to randomly meet new people and video chat with them.

The most popular feature is the “next” button that enables a user to skip other users and move over to the next random user in line.

Since its launch, Spinchat got lots of attention and receives  10k active visits each day.

SpinChat is operated by BubbleTree in partnership with Tapuz, a public Israeli company whom operate Israels leading community web site Tapuz.co.il.

New TV show based on SpinChat

BIP, Israel’s cable humor channel has launched a new daily TV show based on Spinchat.co.il.  Two funny hosts, meeting randomly, without any preparations, LIVE spinchat users.  Each user than is receiving a funny  assignment and is being “Nexted” by the host if  he is not funny enough.

How it works?

Every day, the producers of the show are inviting new users to take part of the show using their Facebook account and directly through spinchat.co.il. Every user that agrees to participate  sign a legal release. Upon signing the release the user is waiting in line to speak with the hosts.

In the studio, a special admin interface is waiting for the producers and a specially designed interface with larger screen and bigger text field for the chat that can be packaged for the finished product that is being aired on TV. The show is being aired every night at 13:30 at BIP.

You can see all the chapters here (Hebrew only)

*Since it was founded in 2009 BubbleTree created and operated several stand alone projects and cooperations with major Israeli media and communications companies. BubbleTree was founded by Nir Ofir, a well known veteran of the Israeli Internet industry. Former editor in chief of  Tapuz.co.il and blogTV.com.

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