Smart Israeli Cow

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The new Israeli technology allows farmers to trace a status of each cow, without coming into a shed, and urgently causes them through sms and email when at animals patrimonial fights begin. Unique invention belongs to firm SCR from Netanii – to the world leader introducing technical novelties in farms.

Technology HEATIME HR allows to carry out monitoring of physical activity of animals through their ruminant activity. At cows it is an indicator most sensitive to state transitions of an organism. When the cow is sick, its ruminant activity essentially decreases. Also the indicator allows to understand that to a cow hot, or that at it patrimonial fights have begun.

SCR’s precision herd management solutions provide several functionalities: activity monitoring, rumination monitoring, milk yield measurement and milk quality monitoring. These functional modules may operate on an individual stand alone configuration or as a part of the Data Flow™ herd management package.

The SCR Smart-Tag™ product line monitors cow status utilizing sophisticated electronic tags. The Smart-Tag™ product line consists of H-Tags™ and the HR-Tags™, neck mounted identification, activity and rumination monitoring tags.

The H-Tag™ served as the basic cow activity data collection device for the Heatime® and the Heatime®-for-PC heat detection systems and the Data Flow™ herd management solutions. The H-Tag™ encases a three dimensional accelerometer and a microprocessor which quantify cow movements specifically correlated with heat.

The HR-Tag™ is similar to the H-Tag™ in the activity monitoring functionality while also housing a microphone which quantifies rumination time through a series of complex algorithms. Rumination provides an incredibly sensitive indication of cow wellbeing and a cow nutrition monitoring tool.

These solutions provide producers with the following benefits:

  • Identification of animals needing special attention.
  • Advanced user-friendly decision making tools.
  • Improved operating efficiency.
  • Reduced operating expenses.
  • Improved animal wellness.
  • Reduced employee training requirements

The technology is already tested in cowsheds of private enterprises. The gauge attached to a cow, reacts to speed of movements and sounds. It processes the information and sends it through a wireless communication on the device carrying out monitoring and notifying the farmer about infringements of norm. The next months it is planned to introduce systems in many economy of Israel.


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