Simplify Jewish Life Using Smart Technology – Siddur: The Newest Jewish App On Your Apple Watch

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Apple Watch RustyBrick has just released Apple Watch app for the iOS Siddur.

The Apple Watch app has tons of features aimed at making Jewish life just a bit easier. The RustyBrick’s goal is to give observant Jews easy access to common prayers, important times, a glance at the Jewish calendar and access to find nearby synagogues. In addition, it supports smart notifications that can be configured directly on your Siddur app on iOS device. This include the ability to remind you to wake up for morning services  or a gentle reminder on your wrist to leave work 15 minutes before sunset to pray mincha.

Watch how the app works in real time

You will need version 7.1 of the iOS  Siddur app (download here) and an Apple Watch. Make sure to use the Apple Watch app to install the Siddur app on your Apple Watch. Once installed you can make use of all these features.

  • Quick Glance for Today View
  • Quick Prayers (Not A Full Smart Siddur)
  • Zmanim based on your current location
  • Luach shows you today’s Jewish calendar
  • Minyanim finds the closest synagogues to you, shows you their address, phone number, times of service and click for directions on the map.
  • Click on a prayer to be reminded to say it in 15 minutes
  • Set notifications on the iPhone to trigger zmanim notifications on your iPhone or Apple Watch
  • Handoff Support between Siddur Apple Watch App and Siddur iOS App

The app contains many useful features of the full iOS Siddur app and, as says Berry Schwartz RustyBrick’s CEO “it may be one of the most functional Apple Watch apps released to date“.

Let us know what you think of the newest Jewish app and how it can be improved.

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