Holocaust Online Theatre Collection

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holocaust-theatre-onlineIsraeli duo working to put Holocaust-era theatre online

Two Israelis are leading the way on a new project that is aiming to track down and digitize content on theater and other performing arts created by Jews during the Nazi era or otherwise related to the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Online Theatre Collection is being spearheaded by Mark Ejlenberg, a Dutch Jew now living in Israel after a successful banking career in Amsterdam. Veteran Israeli theater director and producer Moti Sandak is the project’s director and chief content editor.

Sandak is already in charge of All About Jewish Theatre, a website promoting a wide range of Jewish creativity in the theater arts.

HOTC is sponsored by the Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, and its official launch is set for Jan. 20 in Berlin. The launch is slated to take place in the House of the Wannsee Conference, the site of the 1942 meeting where the Nazi hierarchy planned the implementation of the “final solution” against the Jews. Today, it is a Holocaust memorial and museum.

Ejlenberg believes that the performing arts during the Holocaust will be a means of communicating to current and future generations in a way that at present is not being fully explored. The site will also preserve the memory of those who continued to express themselves through the arts despite the barbarity they lived through.

Such a collection would show, according to literature about the project, that “creativity and the human spirit cannot be destroyed,” even in the darkest periods.

Major Jewish cultural and Holocaust remembrance organizations around the world are being approached for any contribution of material in their possession.

Cultural works created before, during or after the Holocaust are being considered. People who have plays, music or films, or material such as posters about the performing arts, are being encouraged to contact organizers for inclusion.

Even a snippet would be helpful,” said Albert Moses of Montreal, one of the project’s organizers. (via JWeekly)

The Holocaust Theatre Online Collection Project (HTC), is a uniquely accessible teaching tool that will educate a new generation about a little-known aspect of the Holocaust. Despite unspeakably difficult circumstances, Jewish actors, singers, musicians, dancers, film makers and others artists regularly performed in the Nazi’s ghettos and concentration camps. Their remarkable creative output was a triumph of the human spirit over barbarism.

The only means to survive, if at all, was for the spirit to transcend the pain of the body… Heroism was in the will to create, to paint, to write, to perform and to compose in hell.”  Mirko Tuma – artist survived from Terezin


The Holocaust Theatre Online Collection on Facebook
For collaboration, events and conferences, please contact Moti Sandak (ncmisrael@bezeqint.net).
For researches, content , archives and libraries, please contact  Prof. Gad Kaynar (gkenar@post.tau.ac.il )
For financial support, sponsorship and strategic cooperation, please contact Mark Ejlenberg (Ejlenberg@me.com).


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