Shavuot Services Incl. Megillat Ruth in MP3

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Julius_Schnorr_von_Carolsfeld-_Ruth_im_Feld_des_BoazIf you’re planning to conduct  Shavuot services in your shul this year (incl. reading a Megillat Ruth) and need a bit of help on your Hebrew pronunciation or want to brush up on a tune, the Virtual Cantor – Josh Sharfman – has recorded the almost entire service for Festivals in mp3 format and put in online so that you can listen to it anytime on your iPhone (just tap on links below or for much, much more visit website Virtual Cantor).

The services for the three festivals of Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot (Shalosh Regalim) are alike, except for interpolated references and readings for each individual festival. The preliminaries and conclusions of the prayers are the same as on Shabbat. The Amidah on these festivals only contains seven benedictions, with Attah Bechartanu as the main one. Hallel follows.

The Musaf service includes Umi-Penei Hata’enu, with reference to the special festival and Temple sacrifices on the occasion. A blessing on the pulpit (“dukhen”) is pronounced by the “kohanim” during the Amidah (this occurs daily in Israel and most Sephardic congregations, but only on Pesach, Shavuot, Sukkot, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in Ashkenazic congregations of the Diaspora).

(for Megillat Ruth scroll down)

Festival Ma’ariv

maariv arvim (chatimah)
ki hem chayyeinu (chatimah)
Adonai eloheichem emet
V’ne’emar (ge’ulah)
Ufros aleinu (chatimah)
Vaydabber Mosheh
Chatzi kaddish
Kaddish shalem
V’ne’emar (aleinu)

Festival Shacharit (soon)

Festival Musaf

Attah v’chartanu
Vatiten lanu
Umippn’nei chata’einu (1)
Y’hi ratzon (2)
U’tivneh m’herah (3)
V’qarev p’zureinu (4)
Vavi’enu l’tziyyon (5)
V’et musaf (6)
Uvayom rishon (Pesach)
V’hiqravtem isheh (all 8 days)
Eloheinu velohei
Birkat kohanim
V’al kullam yodukha
Sim shalom
Kaddish shalem

Festival at Home

Kiddush (weekday)
Kiddush (on Shabbat)
Kiddush (havdalah)

Hallel (and Hoshanot)

Barukh attah
Mi kadonai eloheinu (Ps 113 chatimah)
B’tzet Yisrael (Ps 114)
K’mohem yihyu oseihem (Ps 115_ 1-11 chatimah)
Adonai zacharnu (Ps 115_ 12-18)
Shuvi nafshi (Ps 116_ 1-11 chatimah)
N’darai ladonai (Ps 116_ 12-19 chatimah)
Hal’lu et adonai (Ps 117)
Pitchu li (Ps 118 chatimah)
Ana adonai
Baruch haBa
Hal’lu et adonai (Ps 117)
Kaddish Shalem


Adonai mah adam
El male rachamim (martyrs)
El male rachamim (army)
Tehillim 23
Tehillim 121
Tehillim 130
El male rachamim (male)

Some communities read the Akdamut (introduction to the Ten Commandments) and Book of Ruth (Megillat Ruth), as King David – whose passing occurred on this day – was a descendant of Ruth the Moabite.

Megillat Ruth – Perek 1
Megillat Ruth – Perek 2
Megillat Ruth – Perek 3
Megillat Ruth – Perek 4

Akdamut (enough to get you started)


Chag Sameach

(Illustration: Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld – Ruth im Feld des Boaz, National Gallery, London)



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