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This application  contains a professional recording of  “The Golden Rule of  Schmoozing” — wrapped in a beautiful and elegant player to create an immersive and enjoyable audiobook experience.

So what is schmoozing?

According to Webster’s unabridged dictionary, schmoozing is a yiddish word that means to chat or to converse idly. But today there is a common misconception, the word has come to suggest a con or trickery. It’s not. Schmoozing is the Golden Rule at full throttle. It’s a thrill and an art form that encourages people to say, “you’ve made my day” instead of demanding “make my day”. It’s a technique for turning others on, not taking others on. A schmoozer is someone who talks to people as if they really mattered-and they do!

Read by Penn Jillette, who has been called the most wired magician on this planet, is the more gregarious half of Penn & Teller, the world’s most famous magic duo.

Player Features:
– Background playback and Retina Display enabled (Specific devices required)
– Automatic bookmarking to keep track of your place for you
– Gorgeous user interface to create an immersive reading experience
– Notes – Allows you to write down thoughts as you listen and email them to yourself or friends.
– Preloaded with content to allow for offline use.

Review from Amazon

“The Golden Rule of  Schmoozing” reminds me of  Dale Carnegie on steroids. It’s an entertaining, easy-read book filled with examples of how to lay on schmooze anytime, anywhere. I’d have to say that the purpose of schmoozing is to just enhance the quality of life; to make The Road more bearable, if not enjoyable. Schmoozing is all about respect, being nice and taking the extra step in relationships.

I liked the way Aye Jaye defines schmoozing in such a positive light: “Schmoozing is The Golden Rule at full throttle.” “It’s a skill and an art form that encourages people to say, “You’ve made my day…” “A schmoozer is someone who talks to people as if they really mattered…” To my mind, this book reminds us that what goes around, eventually comes around. Well-placed schmooze can result in good Karma and good fortune, albeit random, but I’d take random over nothing!

One thing that threw me was the Foreword written by Penn and Teller. Not being a fan, I was glad that it was short. It didn’t even hint at the quality of content to come.

The extensive Table of  Contents illustrates the far-ranging arenas for schmooze.

Foreword by Penn and Teller
Chapter 1: The four laws of schmoozing
Chapter 2: Come Bearing Chatch Never come empty handed
Chapter 3: The “Make What You Say Pay” Schmooze
Chapter 4: The “Make It Happen” Schmooze
Chapter 5: If The Schmooze Fits, Care for it.
Chapter 6: Schmoozing for a Job
Chapter 7: Schmoozing the boss
Chapter 8: Managing with schmooze
Chapter 9: The Schmoozing Ninja Salesperson
Chapter 10: The Matchmaking Schmooze
Chapter 11: Schmoozing for Love
Chapter 12: Making up Schmooze I was a Jerk, but I’m better now
Chapter 13: The Impulse Improve
Chapter 14: The Traffic Schmooze
Chapter 15: The ABCs of Kid-Schmoozing
Chapter 16: Teen Schmoozing Saving the Rebels Without a Clue
Chapter 17: Schmooze Yourself to Good Health
Chapter 18: Oozing Schmooze on Yourself Proactive Inner Thinking
Chapter 19: Relationships are Everything We’re all in this together
Chapter 20: Schmoozing Friends and Neighbors
Chapter 21: Tricky Schmicky Schmooze
Chapter 22: The Name Schmooze
Chapter 23: Winning by Grinning Schmooze

I particularly enjoyed Aye Jaye’s examples, rendered from his own life experience and those of friends and acquaintances, which drive home the point of each chapter. It was also fun to learn of the unintended (and sometimes intended) reciprocating schmooze by schmooze-recipients.

I’ve learned that even shy and introverted people can schmooze. This book enables the charm and charisma in otherwise inhibited people, by explaining how natural it is and illustrating the positive effects on both the schmoozer and “schmoozee”.  If more people were aware of the schmooze-effect it would lead to happier and more satisfying relationships across the board.  This book is recommended for all.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Books
Released:  September 02, 2010
Publisher: Cross Forward Consulting
Price: $14.99 (buy app)

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