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“Safed – The Mystical City” by Dovid Rosoff

“Safed – The Mystical City” takes us on a journey of exploration throughout her vibrant history, from her mysterious roots to the present day.

The “golden era” of 16th century Safed comes alive, that enthralling period when Torah giants like Rav Yosef Karo and the holy Arizal made their abiding contributions to the revealed and mystical Torah, indelible pathways to guide all future generations.

The pioneering Chassidim and Perushim, who faced a seemingly unending whirlwind of deadly epidemics, vicious pogroms, abject poverty, and two devastating earthquakes, stagger our imagination with their remarkable endurance.

Safed captivates our imagination, and her cobblestone lanes and ancient synagogues intrigue us. Jews from the world over come to breathe her rarified air and to pray by the graves of men who reached awesome spiritual heights while dwelling her.

With photographs and maps, “Safed: The Mystical City” will add a new dimension to any visit to this ancient city.

“Safed – The Mystical City” by Dovid Rosoff is available at Jewish e-Books.

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