Roni and Danny Stone create a brain game for the iPhone

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Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from “The Jewish Chronicle“, published: December 17, 2009

By Candice Krieger

The north London brothers recently launched their first game, Chokoblok, now available from the Apple iTunes store.

The aim of the 3D puzzle is to move a rectangular block into a goal, taking care not to let it fall off the edges or hit the pressure tiles.
“The precise movements required to reach the targets demand a clearly thought-out process,” 27-year-old Roni, (left), tells People.
“In the first couple of weeks we’ve had around 10 downloads a day. It would probably take us about four months at the current rate to get a return on our investment. iPhone games are sold at between one and six dollars and the creator gets around 70 per cent of that.”
The brothers, both ex-JFS pupils, have another three games in the offing. “Chokoblok is really the tester,” says Roni. “It is quite straightforward to get a product out, once you’ve created the game. The key is to try and break into the top 25 of applications sales.”
Chokoblok has been produced by their company, Von Nostrum Games, and took about three months to develop. Roni, who is currently writing his PhD thesis, says his brother Danny, 28, “did slightly more of the work”. He adds: “With Apple recently having announced that Orange and Vodafone will also sell iPhones by the start of next year, that’s going to be great for the European market. China is also expected to adopt iPhones next year, which will massively increase sales opportunities.”
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