Rockets, doves & roses

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Yaron Bob, is an art teacher and blacksmith who lives in Yated, a small Israeli community near the border with the Gaza strip.

Yaron Bob, a teacher and a part-time metal sculptor in Moshav Yated, Israel, makes roses out of Qassam rockets fired out of Gaza. Mr. Bob had two close calls with rockets and he knew he needed to react to the terror that he and his community were facing.

Yaron wanted to create something that speaks of growth and prosperity and to make something out of the destruction and of the ruin of the Qassam. The truth is because the rocket is an instrument of death he really didn’t want to handle it. However, his frustration was intensifying with so many missiles falling on Israel and so many alarms.

The situation was very stressful on him and his family. “It finally struck me that I need to make a rose from the Qassam“, Yaron says. Now Bob collects the spent rockets, most given to him by the police, after they have been checked by the bomb squad. Each rose takes about three to four hours of turning and twisting the steel. Then, hand sculpting intricate petals and leaves on the rose. The sculpture’s base is a map of Israel with the rose growing out of the border with Gaza.

Although the rose, stem and base are made of Qassam remains, there is no sign the flower comes from rocket metal. “I take the Qassam, the instrument of death and I change it, I transfer it into something of beauty.” Bob is not a pacifist, but he would like Hamas to know talking is better than firing rockets and starting a war. His goal is to somehow let the world know people in Israel are not hungry for war and what they really want is a bright and beautiful future.

Turning Rockets Into Roses – (more)

Chaim Pinsky and Michael Gerbitz

Chaim and Michael are the faces behind Rockets into Roses. Chaim immigrated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his family of 6 (now 10) eleven years ago, after taking an early retirement from a successful diamond business in the midwestern United States. When Chaim moved to Israel, he wanted to make a difference in peoples’ perception of Israel.

The media bias against Israel really affected me. We were the targets of suicide bombings and rocket attacks and the media looked upon us as the bad guys. Israel wants to live with its’ neighbors in peace, based on mutual recognition and respect. I want the world to know that we, the people of Israel, desire a peaceful future for our children.

Michael moved with his wife and 9 children from New York two years ago and had always wanted to do something that is so dear his heart – help Israel. Running a software consulting firm based in New York, he never really had the time to devote to this passion.  After his family moved to Israel, he felt that it was time to put his energies into gaining the much needed,  public support for Israel. “What better way to help Israel than to create meaningful products from Israel, unique items with a strong mission that tell a story – and bring them to the global market.”

Both Chaim and Michael, who live in the same neighborhood in Ramat Bet Shemesh, the “safe haven”  for American Jews immigrating to Israel, started talking – and “Rockets into Roses” became their mission. Their goal is to place thousands of these roses into living rooms, conference rooms and places of worship across the globe.  The message of  “Rockets into Roses” – that the people of Israel turn objects of destruction into items of beauty and growth – into symbols of hope for a better future – must be heard loud and clear. And considerable funds need to be raised to build more shelters to protect the citizens of Israel from future attacks.

Their real hope is that these roses are a very limited edition.


Sderot Dove

Each hand sculpted dove portrays the inexhaustible strength of the Jewish people and its never ending desire for peace.

Each sculpture is sent in a gift box and is mounted on a display base with a medallion quoting the verse form Isaiah 2:4 ” They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nations will not take up weapons against other nations and never again will they know war”.

Own a piece of history which will communicate to your family and friends a compelling statement of perseverance by the people of Sderot and all the people of Israel.

A significant project supporting the people of  Sderot, by offering unique sculptures of a dove, symbolizing peace, hand made from actual pieces of  Qassam rockets fired on Sderot over the past 9 years.

Proceeds from this project will be used for social & educational programs, including the building of a Music Park, for the children of  Sderot.

Eldor Levi, sculptor about project: ”I drew my inspiration for this artistic presentation from the not-so-distant memory of my military service in the Gaza Strip as a combat officer serving in the Givati Brigade. A hill there remains vividly etched in my mind. All the soldiers called it “tulip hill.” At the beginning of the Hebrew month of Adar, the hill would give birth to agreat variety of flowers, the most impressive among them the tulip, the flower that signifies the approaching spring season. It is particularly symbolic for me to create a thought-provoking message from that familiar and well-remembered hill in the Gaza Strip. Instead of raining destruction and tears through Qassam rockets, we are sending a colorful flower to sow peace, growth and radiance. It is said that in the 16th century, an Ottoman Sultan gave tulip bulbs as a mark of friendship and royalty. This should be our hope.”


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