Mussar Revolution

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The Mussar Revolution (lesson 1/8): Rav Yisrael Salanter – Revolutionary Philosopher

In this Torah shiur on the origins and development of the Mussar Movement, Rabbi Hanoch Teller introduces the legendary founder of the Mussar movement, Rabbi Yisrael Salanter.

This giant of  Torah and character used his vast talents to reach out to his brethren across the world and bring them to higher levels of  Torah-observance and spiritual awareness.

This Torah class is available online in streaming video and for download in mp3 and ipod video formats.

Rabbi Hanoch Teller has lectured before audiences on five continents, in 40 American States and 24 other countries. People from all backgrounds flock to hear this award-winning author, orator, and educator speak on a wide range of subjects.

Rabbi Teller  is a popular teacher in numerous Jerusalem Yeshivas and seminaries. As a teacher, Rabbi Teller draws from his thorough knowledge of Torah, Jewish history and thought, specifically the history of our rabbis and leaders, to inspire and uplift his students during his shiurim.

Rabbi Teller is one of the few independent guides who have been licensed by Yad Vashem, the Israel Holocaust Museum, to give tours of their new museum. Rabbi Teller has also been leading groups of Yeshiva students on tours through Eastern Europe for many years. Hanoch Teller’s guided tours are unique in their ability to present the events of the Holocaust from a unique, clear and uncompromising perspective, emphasizing the experiences of the individual victims.

Time: 37:16

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