Red Syndrome

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The Red Syndrome by Haggai Carmon, Steerforth, June 2 2009

Fact: The attacks of  September 11, 2001, brought terror to our doorstep. Fact: Suicide bombers, attacks on mass transit, the leveling of hotels and nightclubs followed elsewhere. Fact: Terrorists’ endgame is maximum civilian casualties through minimum effort. Question: What’s next?

Haggai Carmon’s timely new intelligence thriller, The Red Syndrome, describes a plausible and frighteningly simple terrorist conspiracy: Introduce a lethal biological weapon into the nation’s food supply in a way never before imagined. Which Americans belong to the Iranian-backed Islamic fundamentalist splinter group that threatens the U.S. population? Can they be stopped?

This exciting sequel to Haggai Carmon’s Triple Identity again features ex-Mossad agent Dan Gordon, who now works for the U.S. Department of Justice. Like Triple Identity, The Red Syndrome begins with Gordon on the trail of what appears to be straightforward case of money-laundering. But in the Byzantine world of dirty money and offshore accounts, multiple layers are the rule, not the exception. Crime breeds strange mutations. Here, you sleep with one eye open. Always. Gordon’s investigation of dubious Russian mob money transfers is now assigned to the CIA. The plot quickly turns to a hunt for a devastating bio-terror weapon, a hunt that features murder, coded messages, kidnapping, breathtaking desert chases, and betrayals along the way. With fast-paced action on three continents, good guys may not always have the upper hand. Problem is: who is good and who is bad? This insider intelligence thriller rivets the reader through to its surprising end (from the Hardcover edition).

About the Author
Haggai Carmon is an Israeli-born international attorney sharing his time and practice between the United States, Israel, and the rest of the world.  Since 1985, he has been assigned by several federal agencies with worldwide responsibility for asset recovery and legal intelligence-gathering outside the United States in complex, multimillion dollar cases, most involving money laundering, which have required sensitive investigative work in more than thirty foreign countries. He has also been representing the U.S. Department of Justice in its Israeli litigation for the past two decades. Although his Dan Gordon thrillers are inspired by his work for the Justice Department, they are not autobiographical; they are fiction. He currently resides in New York and has nearly completed Chameleon, the next Dan Gordon intelligence thriller (from the Hardcover edition).

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