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New Artscroll’s eBook: “It Could Have Been You: Real Stories about Real People” by Nachman Seltzer

Brand new, inspirational stories about people like you. Good stories are entertaining. Inspirational. Illuminating. Very good stories are electrifying. Stimulating. Unexpected. The very best stories are life-transforming.

Nachman Seltzer’s stories are the very best. When Nachman Seltzer writes, the words almost seem to leap off the page. There’s energy and excitement in his descriptions, his characters, and his unexpected plot twists. And what makes the stories even better is – they are all absolutely true.

Nachman Seltzer, columnist for Hamodia is a born storyteller,  and people from all over the world share their unusual experiences with him.

In It Could Have Been You we will read about 300 Torah scrolls hidden in an abandoned Ukrainian building, waiting to be rescued. We will wonder who sent the mysterious first-class plane tickets to a simple cheder rebbe in Bnei Brak, and why. We will read of  lost wallets, lost children, and lost Jewish souls coming back to their heritage. We will meet a man whose skill at Torah reading saves him from losing his life in the rice paddies of  Vietnam and hear about the strange presidential curse that finally comes to an end through the power of prayer.

The stories in It Could Have Been You are brand new, and have never before appeared in print. They are powerful, exciting – and absolutely true.

This book is available on iPad with iBooks.

Category: Judaism
Released: July 27, 2010
Publisher:  Shaar Press / Mesorah Publications
Price: $11.99 (buy eBook)

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