Rashi & Rambam

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Movies from the  JewishHistory.org collection – Rashi & Rambam.

Rashi – In the calm before the crusades, one man forever changed the way the world would understand the Bible.

Set in the 11th Century, “Rashi” is the story of a unique hero, a Torah commentator who lived at the beginning of the Reign of  Terror – The Crusades.

A winemaker by trade,  Rashi,  in an age of ignorance and illiteracy, taught his daughters to read and write.  He debated politics and theology with his Christian neighbors, and delved into the deeper mysteries of the Bible.  Confronting the violent turn of history, brought on by the Crusades,  Rashi defended his people’s rights to spiritual choice and freedom.

In his almost 900 year old commentary, Rashi opens the doors to the subtle wisdom and eternal truths of the Bible. To understand Rashi is to understand the story of the Jews.  So come back in time – to a world that began with the belief in one G-d.

Till Today, Rashi’s commentary on the Chumash and the Talmud is the most studied and beloved commentary ever written.

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Rambam – Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, was born in Cordova Spain, early in the 12th century. Facing the terror of the fanatic Muslim Almohads, he and his family fled Cordova.  For seven years they lived in the mountains and caves of Spain.

During that time, his remarkable Torah and Talmudic knowledge increased. His love of  Torah combined with his avid study of healing and natural medicine, the sciences, mathematics, astronomy – as well as the works of the classical philosophers, began to shape the destiny of his life.

The legacy he left behind is astounding. He wrote Perush Ha-Mishnayot – his commentary on the Mishnah, which included the Thirteen Principles of Faith, before he was 30.  He also penned Mishna Torah – over 14 volumes of the laws of the Torah.  Amongst his numerous works he wrote and defined Sefer Ha-Mitzvot and the 613 mitzvahs – and  The Guide to the Perplaxed – as spiritual and philosophical treatise.

Rambam was a holistic healer of body and soul. In an age of ignorance, he was a shining light of compassion and commitment toward his fellow human beings.

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