Rabbi Trugman

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Album “From World to World (מעולם ועד עולם)” by Avraham Arieh Trugman & Friends is a beautiful collection of inspiring original songs accompanied by a plethora of instruments as well as uplifting vocal harmonies. The songs include meditative melodies, finger tapping tunes and get up and dance music as well. They touch mind, heart and soul!

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman has thirty years of experience in the field of Jewish education. He and his wife Tachel were a founding family of Moshav Meor Modiim in 1976, where Rabbi Trugman served as the Director at the Moshav of the Center for Jewish Education, which successfully ran programs for over 5,000 participants per year from over 25 countries. Rachel Trugman was one of the main teachers in the programs.

In 1988, the Trugmans took the position of Regional Directors of NCSY in Denver, Colorado, where they created a new region and were involved in many educational initiatives in the Jewish community. The Trugmans returned to Israel in 1995 and are the founders and directors of Ohr Chadash: New Horizons in Jewish Experience.

Through their work with Ohr Chadash the Trugmans lecture and lead events at scores of institutions around Israel and throughout North America.
He has published articles and poems in a wide variety of publications, as well as authored three major books; Seeds and Sparks: Inspiration and Self- Expression through the Cycles of Jewish Life, The Mystical Power of Music, and The Mystical Meaning of Dreams, published by Targum Press.

Album: “From World to World (מעולם ועד עולם)” by Avraham Arieh Trugman & Friends

November 15, 2011 ℗ 2011 Ohr Chadash
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