Piano Practice

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Want your kids to learn the piano but can’t afford those expensive private lessons?  Award-winning interactive video game developer JoyTunes* released a new iPad game called Piano Dust Buster that teaches the piano in an interactive way, featuring different modes and songs that range in difficulty.

The concept of the game is that the player helps a virtual granny dust off her piano from invading germs. While doing this, the user is learning the musical notes and rhythm of a piano, gaining knowledge while practising.

The app lets users play popular and entertaining songs at their own pace, collecting points and bonuses as they increase their experience. The game can also be played in conjunction with a real piano. In case the player doesn’t  have a real piano at home, a 3D virtual keyboard comes with the game.

Virtual piano for every age

Piano Dust Buster is not the only application that helps users learn an instrument. Rock Band and Wild Chords are just some of them. But what sets the JoyTunes app apart is that it does not require an physical instrument.

We want this game to be embraced by music teachers, children and parents as a wonderful introduction to music,” says Yuval Kaminka, JoyTunes co-founder and CEO. “Children sometimes think of piano practice as boring, but as every music teacher knows, practice makes perfect. Piano Dust Buster uses engaging gaming dynamics, that are fun, interactive, and will keep them learning and practicing,” he adds.


The current music catalogue includes a variety of songs with degrees of difficulty, from classical to pop favorites and folk tunes, including such classics as “Fur Elise,” “The Entertainer” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” The game also has a mode for beginners to help them learn how to read sheet music.

Kaminka says that “85 percent of adults surveyed wished they knew how to play an instrument. Now parents and other adults can ‘dust off’ their old pianos and recapture the magic of playing music.” (read more at NoCamels)

*JoyTunes is a private Israeli company, established in 2010, publishing computer and mobile games that are controlled by real musical instruments. The games are intended to teach music and encourage practice by transforming routine music exercises to fun and engaging games. As of April 2012, JoyTunes released two games: JoyTunes Recorder (PC, Mac, iPad) – for children learning to play the recorder instrument, and the Piano Dust Buster (iPad) that is activated by a real piano or keyboard.

On October 2010 JoyTunes was selected as a Silver Winner in the global MassChallenge startup competition . JoyTunes  first product for the recorder won the Fall 2010  Parents’ Choice Awards in the software category , the “World Summit Awards 2011” for most creative e-content, and two “Best Tools for Schools” awards at the NAMM show.

“Piano Dust Buster” – Description

Play popular and fun songs at your own pace or try yourself out in show-time, accompanied by high quality concert music.

The app has a big selection of free songs at various levels of difficulty, including – The Entertainer, La Bamba, Swan Lake, Bach Air on G String, Auld Lang Syne, Amazing Grace, Beethoven’s Ode To Joy, Jingle Bells, Fur Elise, Mary’s Little Lamb, and many others. Additional free songs are added all the time.

Help granny dust off her piano while collecting points and bonuses. Whether you used to play music ages ago or you’re looking for a way to get your kids to love playing music – this app will get you going. The Piano Dust Buster is the perfect introduction to music.

Key Features

  • Works with a real piano/keyboard – use your own real musical instrument to play!!!
  • Virtual piano has real-size 3D keys
  • Works on musical skills – learn note names, rhythm, playing songs, and more
  • Special mode for practising sheet music notation (“Staff Master”)
  • Rich and high quality accompaniment concert music
  • Fun and Engaging – gaming dynamics will keep you practising
  • Song selection screen makes it easy to find your favourite songs

AppPiano Dust Buster – Song Game by JoyTunes

Compatible:  iPad only
Category: Music
Updated:  April 16, 2012
Price: Free (get app)






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