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While the iPhone and iPod touch are quite capable little computers it seems that most of the applications released for these platforms have been overly simplistic or lacking in their feature set. This has been especially true in the photo editing arena where there are many contenders vying for the top spot, an especially heated competition in the case of the iPhone due to its built-in camera. Photogene addresses the need for finer control over the characteristics of digital photographs, providing an impressively wide array of adjustment and editing options to its users. Omer  Shoor is the developer responsible for creating this software. The experience he draws from is quite expansive, having worked as a software developer and engineer for multiple companies and even the Israeli military in the field of aerial reconnaissance.

The release of  Photogene has been met with wide praise by multiple popular organizations that review iPhone applications including O’Reilly and iLounge who both ranked the application on their respective “Best iPhone Applications” lists. After entering the market nearly a year ago (at the time of this writing) Photogene has accrued a significant customer base and recognition, for good reason. Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use despite being relatively complex when compared to similar applications. The thoughtfully designed menus and easy to read prompts keep the experience from being frustrating. Apple is known specifically for providing intuitive and streamlined experiences, and they approved so much of  Photogene’s presentation that they featured it in one of their commercials for the iPhone.

Potential purchasers of this nifty little piece of software shouldn’t start using it with the assumption that it will be as fully-featured as something like Photoshop, even though it is perhaps the most full-featured photo editing application on the market for the iPhone at this time. Of course, given the its limited power and somewhat restrictive interface when compared to a typical mouse-and-keyboard PC, this should be a given. The price is right as well, as Photogene is literally about a hundred times cheaper than such a program! With this in mind, it’s hard to go wrong with Photogene; any amateur photographer will get lots of use out of it. There is simply no better solution for photo manipulation on the go. (review via iPhone Applications and Hacks)

Photogene is the ultimate editing tool for your photos on Apple mobile devices. With Photogene, it’s easier than ever to edit, improve and decorate your photos right on your iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad. This unique application allows you to get the most out of your photos, even if you are not a professional photographer.

The iPad version – Photogene for iPad, was redesigned to take advantage of the large screen and processing power of the iPad. It’s the perfect tool for editing photos “on the go”.

With Photogene you can:

  • Enhance photos with multiple color adjustment: adjust color levels, exposure, contrast, saturation or manipulate the RGB.
  • Apply filters such as the sharpen or the pencil filter.
  • Crop, straighten and rotate your image.
  • Add fun effects like text balloons, frames or special filters.
  • Photogene introduces a powerful, yet very simple to use interface and lets you focus on making your photos better. With Photogene around you are guaranteed to keep more photos than before.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Photography
Updated: August 28, 2010
Publisher: Omer Shoor
Price: $1.99 (buy app)

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