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Dropico, Israeli startup, is a provider of a revolutionary, Web-based drag & drop photo management platform expanding with photo sharing applications for both iPhone and Android users.  Dropico’s new apps will effectively enable them to capture and enhance photos with a rich range of filters, then share them across any social networks and online services – all right from their mobile phones.

Dropico’s iPhone and Android apps enable users to simultaneously connect to any of the most popular social networks and online services. They simply take pictures or choose existing ones, apply one of the 26 unique, high quality selection of  Dropico filters – add optional location information, tag and effortlessly share them everywhere. Dropico doesn’t just set up a simple feed, it automatically and immediately uploads shared photos to the cloud, as if they’d been posted by users’ social network or online service of choice.

Dropico provides users with full privacy and control over who they share photos with. The app’s powerful private sharing feature allows them to privately send photos to select friends via social networks and e-mail. All they need do is to select “close friends” – from Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and other contacts. Then simply shoot pictures, apply fun filters, and share them privately and simultaneously with any friends. Friends dynamically included among the recipients of a photo will automatically be added to the “close friends” list. There’s no need for Dropico on their end – photos will appear on their network or service of choice – as private Facebook posts, Twitter DMs or regular e-mail messages.

Dropico is a truly revolutionary photo sharing experience,” states Dropico Founder and CEO Gabi Ben Ami. “Unlike competing photo sharing apps, such as Instagram and picplz, it supports countless networks and services out of the box, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, DailyBooth, Posterous, Foursquare, Flickr, Picasa, PhotoBucket, ImageShack, Dropbox, with many more on the way.

There’s practically no limit to Dropico’s extensibility, and our technology can interface with any service or application, in record time and with zero integration effort.

In fact,” he concludes, “integration with IPTV offerings is already well under way, giving users the power to browse and share media from the cloud with friends and family, straight from their TV sets.

Features include:

  • Post as many photos as you wish completely free of charge.
  • Real photo upload (example: photo stored on Facebook albums, friends comments attached to the photo).
  • Add location information to any picture post (optional).
  • Perform ultra-fast upload of multiple high resolution photos.
  • Photo check-into Foursquare.
  • Share photos privately with close friends across different social networks and messaging services.
  • Photos are stored originals on your iphone (original photos remain intact)
  • 26 fun and creative built-in photo filters, including Sunburst,  Hot  Flash,  Cobalt,  Film Burn,  On Film,  Glorious,  Aqua,  Flash Back,  Slide,  Old Photo,  Neon,  Poisonous,  The Lion,  Retro,  Article,  Mauve,  Grunge,  Erradical,  Reel,  Violet,  Vintage,  Burn by the Sun,  Abuse,  Rain and more to come…


Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Photography
Released: March 14, 2011
PublisherDropico Media Ltd
Price: Free (get app)

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