Parshas Ki Sisa

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Ki TisaExodus 30:11-34:35  – The people of Israel are told to each contribute exactly half a shekel of silver to the Sanctuary. Instructions are also given regarding the making of the Sanctuary’s water-basinanointing oil and incense. “Wise hearted” artisans Betzalel and Ahaliav are placed in charge of the Sanctuary’s construction, and the people are once again commanded to keep the  Shabbat.

When Moses does not return when expected from Mount Sinai, the people make a Golden Calf and worship it. G-d proposes to destroy the errant nation, but Moses intercedes on their behalf.  Moses descends from the mountain carrying the Tablets of  the Testimony engraved with the Ten Commandments;  seeing the people dancing about their  idol, he breaks the Tablets, destroys the Golden Calf and has the primary culprits put to death.  He then returns to G-d to say: “If You do not forgive them,  blot me out from the book that You have written.

G-d forgives, but says that the effect of their sin will be felt for many generations. At first G-d proposes to send His angel along with them, but Moses insists that G-d Himself accompany His people to the Promised Land.

Moses prepares a new set of tablets and once more ascends the mountain, where G-d reinscribes the covenant on these Second Tablets. On the mountain Moses is also granted a vision of the divine Thirteen Attributes of Mercy.  So radiant is Moses’  face upon his return, that he must cover it with a veil, which he removes only to speak with G-d and to teach His laws to the people.

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Some time ago Kol Menachem launched an online classroom for Jews on the go – ‘Torah in Ten’. The series provides weekly insightful conversations on the current Torah portion. The class includes interesting commentaries from renowned historical figures as well as modern views in addition to thought provoking and inspiring questions.

Announcing his new idea Rabbi Miller wrote: “In this go, go, go world we live in, it can be difficult to sit down and find time to study the weekly parsha. And when shabbos rolls around, we all wish we had studied more and could contribute to the conversation at the shabbos table. Not to mention our children, don’t we all wish we could provide them beautiful insights into the weekly parsha?”.

‘Torah in Ten’ is now available not only from a computer.  Asked by Jewish iPhone Community and many more iPhone users Kol Menachem kindly agreed to change the format of presentation so that weekly portion of  ‘Torah in Ten’ was available to be watched on iPhone’s/iPad’s screens. Nu, now then, what kind of excuse will you come up with?

Torah in Ten will take place every Tuesday, for ten minutes.  Let’s sum up with Rebbe’s words: “Our task is solely to illuminate the world with the light of  Torah,  Judaism and Chassidus”.

Your weekly “Torah In Ten” videocast by Rabbi Chaim Miller – Parshas Ki Sisa

Shabbat Shalom.

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