History Of Hanukkah In An iOS And Android App

APP Simple app “History of Hanukkah” by Scott Hotaling contains the history, images and stories about the Hanukkah. App:  History of Hanukkah by Scott Hotaling   Compatible:  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Category:   Reference Released:  January 12, 2010 Publisher:   Scott W. Hotaling Price:  $0.99 (buy app) Android version – download here LEAVE A NOTE Related Posts: Hanukkah(…)

Jewish Apps For Hanukkah From Behrman House

APPS Behrman House has released 2 apps for Hanukkah called iHanukkah and Dreidel Labyrinth. iHanukkah helps to teach the blessings that are said on Hanukkah and also provides some matching games to reinforce vocabulary associated with the prayers. This is a great app for someone who is looking for assistance with Jewish rituals. Learn or(…)

Hanukkah Coloring Book For iPhone And iPad

APP Hanukkah coloring book by Midnight Illusions includes dancing dreidels, live latkes, menorahs,  Maccabees and many other pages  for you or your kids to fill in. There is a rainbow of colors to choose from and different marker sizes. You can save your drawings to camera roll or email to Bubbie, Zaide, friends and family. Post on(…)

“Toy Train Hanukkah Story” Is A Poem Base On The Story Of The Hanukkah Miracle [iOS App]

APP “Toy Train Hanukkah Story”  is a whimsical poem base on the story of the Hanukkah miracle. The two toy trains have an eight day journey to get home for Hanukkah but only enough coal for one day.  As in the Hanukkah story a miracle happens and the coal lasts long enough for them to complete(…)

My Menorah 4 Hanukkah – Jewish App For iOS, Android, Mac And PC From Jewish Interactive

APP Jewish Interactive has extended the definition of non-profit to include twenty-first century Jewish education. The South African organization is dedicated to creating apps that teach elementary school children about Judaism, training educators in twenty-first century technology and training students to use tech for Jewish learning. Some of the organization’s apps are geared toward older(…)

New Israeli Software Locates The Words “Knife” And “Jew” On Social Media

TECH Social media is serving as a main source of incitement for the ongoing terrorist attacks in Israel. Several hashtags such as “The Third Intifada,” “The Jerusalem Intifada,” “The Knife Intifada,” “Poison the Knife before You Stab,” and “Slaughtering the Jews,” were launched in social media in Arabic to spread propaganda praising and encouraging attacks.(…)

Hanukkiyah App For iPhone And Android With Blessings And Songs By RustyBrick

APP This iPhone Menorah will show you how many candles to light for each day of the Jewish Holiday Chanukah (Hanukkah). It has a cute animation, that shows you which way to light, in accordance with the Ashkenaz customs. It also has the Chanukah prayers in Hebrew, English and Transliterated. Plus, there are prayers sung(…)

Everything You Need To Know About Festival Of Light In A Chanukah Guide For iPhone And iPad

APP The creators of the Tefillin and Mezuzah Guides have  another app, this time geared towards the holidays. The Chanukah Guide is equipped with all the features necessary for lighting the Chanukah Menorah. It’s packed with easy-to-understand tutorials, the Menorah blessings in six languages, an array of social sharing options, and a timer that reminds(…)

Free Chanukah Guide With Insights Into The “Inner Dimension” Of Chanukah Observance

APP Chanukah, the Festival of  Light, is among the most widely celebrated of  Jewish holidays. It is a time for happy family gatherings around the menorah, for children’s songs and sizzling potato latkes and games of  “dreidel.” For many of us, it brings back fond memories of childhood, or serves to renew our sense of(…)

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Declare War, The Biggest Operation Ever Mounted On ISIS

TECH The Anonymous internet hacking network declared war on the Islamic State group in a Youtube video Monday, vowing vengeance for attacks in Paris that left 129 dead and hundreds injured. “Anonymous everywhere in the world is going to hunt you down,” a hooded figure in black, wearing the group’s signature Guy Fawkes mask said(…)

Stab As Many Jews As You Can – Hamas Video Game

TECH   In mid-October, Hamas launched a video game in which the player is urged to stab as many Jews as they can, in order to “protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque.” The mosque appears in an image at the bottom of the screen, damaged, and with each Jew who is stabbed, it is “repaired” a little more.(…)

Panicked Parisians Turn To Facebook Made-In-Israel Tech

TECH   In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, Israeli technology did its bit to help reassure the panicked citizens of Paris that their loved ones were safe. “During the 24 hours after the terror attack, 4.1 million people checked in with friends and relatives using Facebook Safety Check, a technology developed by Facebook Israel’s(…)

Updated And Improved Versions Of Torah Library And Davka Hebrew Writer For iOS

APP   Torah Library is ideal for anyone that needs quick, on-the-go access to the world of Jewish law and lore. Search a vast collection of classic Hebrew texts – Tanach, Talmud, Midrash, and more – in seconds on your iPhone or iPad, quickly locate relevant results, and view full texts instantly with … Related(…)

Old School 8-Bit Graphics And Tanach In A New Jewish Game For Kids [For iOS And Android Devices]

Try to escape your destiny with just one button in this Bible-based infinite runner. Test your reflexes as you race along in Jewish Temple times over the ancient docks of Jaffa, across the sea enroute to Tarshish, and into the belly of a fish while you control Jonah son of Amittai, as he runs away(…)

Beautiful Days, Holy Days: The Majesty And Profundity Of The Jewish Holidays [Kindle Edition]

The life and excitement that should animate a truly fulfilling and enjoyable holiday experience is often difficult to find. We eat and sing, pray and study, but the very essence and meaning of the holidays are still, to say the least, elusive to many. Their nuanced beauty and breathtaking brilliance, the very heart and soul(…)