“Passover – The Ten Plagues” Interactive Storybook for iOS and Android Devices

You and your child can learn about Passover together with “Passover – The Ten Plagues”, new app developed by Corky Portwine, a Los Angeles-based mobile app developer and eBooks publisher for kids. “Passover – The Ten Plagues” is a fun and interactive storybook  tells of the plagues G-d sent to punish Egyptians and how Jews were freed(…)

The Passover Story Of The Four Sons… G-dcast Style!

Passover is full of stories.  G-dcast have decided to bring to life the Haggadah’s famous tale of the Four Sons. These four characters – wise, wicked, simple and the one who doesn’t know how to ask questions – can be found all over the world, but G-cast set their story in Moscow. Enjoy and Chag(…)

Hebrew/English iHagada, Made In Israel, Includes Funny Game For Whole Family

The iHagada by Israeli developer ZebraApps,  provide you with experience similar to book reading (special on iPad), moving through the pages in the Hagada will be accompanied with page flipping animation and flip page sound for realistic felling. Table of contents will allow you to jump through the different Hagada chapters and songs. The iHagada is colourful and includes Passover related(…)

Passover Jewish App – An Interactive Mah Nishtanah

Learn or refresh reading and singing the Four Questions with your own interactive Mah Nishtanah. Touch-n-Read technology lets you read along and hear every word. Sing along too. Record mode makes it easy to practice reading the Hebrew words and automatically saves your last recording. Play your recording anytime for your friends, parents, teachers, or(…)

Make Your Own Haggadah Using Jewish Digital Content Creation Tool For Educators And Children [iOS, Android, PC, Mac]

JI Studio is a Judaic digital content creation tool.  Ground-breaking features encourage children to let their imaginations run wild, use higher-order thinking skills and create projects with tools combined with full access to the Tanach. JI Studio visually dazzles with rich collections of Jewish-themed stickers, story backgrounds, Hebrew letters, vowels and words, characters, dress-ups, photographs, coloring pages(…)

Free Passover Assistant For Mobile Devices – What, When, Why, How [iPhone, Android]

Preparing for Passover is now a little easier with a Passover Assistant, mobile app created by Chabad Apps team. Learn to chant the Four Questions with the interactive Ma Nishtana trainer.  Ma Nishtana trainer offers a karaoke-style tool for learning the four questions.  It makes learning the Ma Nishatana more fun and personal.  Look up holiday times(…)

G-dcast’s Game Teaches Kids How to Clean The House For Passover [iOS App]

Get your virtual house ready for Passover and learn about the rules of this special Jewish holiday. Let’s Get Ready for Passover app is a great way to teach kids about cleaning the house for Festival of Freedom. Let’s Get Ready for Passover is a little treat for Pesach.  It includes a short hidden object game(…)

iPray: Why No App Can Replace My Siddur?

It all started with one small flip, followed by a rip. Some time ago, while attending the daily Shacharit (morning) service in the synagogue, I was turning the pages of my small siddur (prayer book) when a small tear appeared in the page that I had turned. The torn page became partially detached, and eventually(…)

Just Jew It – Jewish Interactive Magazine – Special Purim Edition

Latest issue of Just Jew It! Magazine, Purim Edition just on time is ready for download. In this issue subscribers will find what we can learn from Esther (9 life lessons from Queen Esther), the story how you become a Jew (Purim Joy), how to celebrate Purim and more. Subscribers to Just Jew It! magazine enjoy videos, how-to articles,(…)

A Free Digital Purim Noisemaker For Android

A digital Purim noisemaker: Slap the evil Haman and watch his eyes bounce. Purim goes digital: This toy app emulates a gragger (ra’ashan). Shake it or slap evil Haman and watch his eyes bounce. Fun for kids, but watch your phone! Note: It does exactly what a gragger is supposed to do. No more, no(…)

Send Special Purim Greeting Card From Your iPhone With Jewish Greeting App

Jewish  Greeting app  allows  users  send  greetings  cards  for all Jewish  holidays, including Purim. You can use your own photo or choose from  few  ready-made  greeting  cards and templates. When you  have  finished  editing  the picture,  you can send  it via  email,  tweet it or share  on Facebook.. App: Jewish Greetings by Appster     Updated: September 01, 2013 Size:(…)

Decorate Your Purim Photos With Cute Jewish Stickers [The Shticker iPhone App]

Decorate your photos with dozens of  cute Jewish, and not only, stickers. Take a photo with your camera or grab one from your gallery then glam it up by adding fun images like silly masks, colorful kippot, Jewish foods,  Judaica, and  more.  Get creative. Includes: – Everyday Jewish stickers – Purim holiday stickers – Passover(…)

Interactive Megilat Esther HD For iOS Decorated With Original Artworks From Bnei Brak, Israel

Book of  Esther  HD  (in Hebrew only), a special edition of  Megillat Esther decorated with original artworks from Malchut Waxberger Gallery,  includes sounds and interactive animations, seems to be a great gift for children. It  got a Hebrew interface but even without the knowledge of the language you’ll be able to make out what’s what (just(…)

Mishna Yomi – New Audio Jewish App For Mishna Study [iOS And Android]

With a new Jewish app from Johannesburg, South Africa you can join now an English Mishna Yomi Shiur. Mishna study covering two Mishnayot every day (about 10 minutes) on the worldwide Mishna Yomi Programme. Alternatively you can learn any book of the Mishna at your own pace and in your own time. The app also(…)

Just Jew It! Magazine For iOS And Android Shloshim Edition – March 7-8 – In Tribute To Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin Gordon A”H

Latest issue of Just Jew It! Magazine, Shloshim Edition – March 7-8 – In Tribute To Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin  Gordon A”H. Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin (Josh) Gordon, the beloved Torah scholar, congregational rabbi and educator who taught thousands of students around the globe through the world’s most widely viewed daily Torah classes, passed away month ago(…)