Soncino Hebrew-English Talmud for iPhone and iPad

Few weeks ago Davka Corporation has released its new Jewish app Soncino Hebrew-English Talmud for iPhone and iPad. The Soncino Talmud presents the Talmud, the central text of Rabbinic Judaism, in Hebrew and English, together with a speedy search engine that allows users to search the text in both languages, quickly locate relevant results, and(…)

Digital Eicha – Listen to Entire Book of Lamentations In Mp3 Format

AUDIO   Soon we will fast on Tisha Be’Av, the Fast of the 9th of Av, a day which encompasses the suffering of all those years of  Jewish history; the expulsions, pogroms, the Shoah and of course the destruction of our Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) twice, our spiritual focal point on this world. On this day (Saturday night, August 13th(…)

Jewish App “Shavuos Guide” Includes Recipes, Customs, Thoughts

The Torah was given by G‑dto the Jewish people on Mount Sinai more than 3300 years ago. Every year on the holiday of Shavuot we renew our acceptance of G‑d’s gift and G‑d “re-gives” the Torah. The word Shavuot means “weeks.” It marks the completion of the seven week counting period between Passover and Shavuot. The giving of the Torah was(…)

Selection Of Jerusalem-Themed Mobile Apps In Honor Of Jerusalem Day

Since the time of King David, except for the 19 years between 1948 and 1967, there has always been a Jewish presence in the ancient city of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. From 1948 until 1967, the western part of the city was in Israeli hands, while the ancient, eastern part – apart from a(…)

Learning Rashi Script Is Easy… At Least Now With A New Jewish App

Davka Corporation has  released new app for iPhone called “Ready for Rashi”. The app teaches students how to read Rashi script (the semi-cursive Hebrew typeface). The script is used to display the commentary of Rashi, the preeminent 11th century Bible and Talmud commentator, as well as those of many other Bible and Talmud commentators. Reading(…)

Israeli Startup Parento Helps Parents Disconnect From Work And Their Phones And Spend More Time With Their Kids.

All over the developed world, it’s often lamented how our mobile, plugged-in culture has made it harder for parents to spend quality time with their children. Anyone who has visited Israel, or knows Israelis, will be aware how family-oriented they are. But many Israelis also find it challenging to balance an increasingly lopsided work-life equation.(…)

New Israeli App: Embracing Israel’s Fallen Heros All Year Round

The Ministry of Defense’s Department of Families and Commemoration (DFC) broadened its technological means and launched on Sunday a new and unique application which coordinates the hundreds of existing memorial events for bereaved families in memory of Israel’s fallen soldiers. The idea for the application came from Ofer Mendelovich, father of Golani Staff Sergeant Oz(…)

Holocaust Online Theatre Collection

Israeli duo working to put Holocaust-era theatre online Two Israelis are leading the way on a new project that is aiming to track down and digitize content on theater and other performing arts created by Jews during the Nazi era or otherwise related to the Holocaust. The Holocaust Online Theatre Collection is being spearheaded by(…)

University’s Shoah Foundation Projects Holocaust Survivors As Holograms

A collaboration project between ICT Graphics Lab and SHOAH in making a better way to save the memories and story of the Holocaust survivors.  Schoolchildren and students of the Holocaust will soon be able to access the testimony of survivors, even after they have passed on, in the form of interactive, three-dimensional holograms courtesy of(…)

I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors – Animated Adaptation Of Bernice Eisenstein’s Illustrated Memoir [Video]

I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors is director Ann Marie Fleming’s animated adaptation of  Bernice Eisenstein’s acclaimed illustrated memoir. Using the healing power of humour, the film probes the taboos around a very particular second-hand trauma,  leading us to a more universal understanding of human experience. (via National Film Board of  Canada’s online Screening(…)

“The Routledge Atlas of the Holocaust” by Martin Gilbert (Kindle Edition)

“The Routledge Atlas of the Holocaust” by Martin Gilbert (Kindle Edition) – The harrowing history of the Nazi attempt to annihilate the Jews of Europe during the Second World War is graphically portrayed in 316 highly detailed maps and over 40 photographs. Extensive passages of text based on documentary evidence drawn from many sources add to(…)

Judaism In Nazi Concentration Camps – “The Holocaust and Halakhah” by Rabbi Irving Rosenbaum

“The Holocaust and Halakhah” by Rabbi Irving Rosenbaum is a study of the determined efforts of the Jews of Europe to conform to the patterns and norms of Halakhic Judaism during the Holocaust period. It is based in large part on rabbinic responsa written in Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Lithuania from the beginning of the(…)

Jewish Story Of Oświęcim, The Town Where Auschwitz Was Built (iOS and Android App Called Oshpitzin – The Yiddish Name Of The Town)

See the vanished Jewish world of synagogues, schools, stores, and places of daily life that existed before the Holocaust, in the Augmented Reality.  A new iPhone/iPad app uses advanced technology to tell the Jewish story of  Oświęcim, the town in southern Poland where Auschwitz, the former Nazi concentration camp, was built. Oświęcim had a majority Jewish population before(…)

Inspiring Stories Of Holocaust Survivors As An iOS App [Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne]

Storypods  feature the inspiring stories of  Holocaust survivors who volunteer as museum guides at the Jewish Holocaust Centre  (JHC)  in Melbourne, Australia. The Jewish Holocaust Centre was the fulfilment of a vision by Melbourne Holocaust survivors to create a memorial to the millions of Jews who were murdered between 1933 and 1945. The Centre was(…)

Digital Memorial To All Munich Victims Of The Nazi Regime [Android App]

BERLIN (JTA) — A virtual Holocaust memorial has been launched to remember Jewish victims from Munich. Visitors to the Bavarian capital can now see the biographies of hundreds of Jewish victims of the Holocaust as they pass by their former homes, thanks to a new app launched last week called Stolpersteine Muenchen, or Munich Stumbling Blocks. Martina Bachmann,(…)