Sefer Tehillim (Psalms) App With Text And Audio Files (Mp3)

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Natan Rolnik is a young generation former Brazilian developer who started his career as a creator of Jewish apps before becoming a part of the team of some Israeli start-up. It is thanks to this guy we can rejoice in the presence on our iDevices of the monoliths of the Jewish literature such as Mesilat Yesharim and Pirkei Avot.

Natan Rolnik is also creator of apps such as „Rashei Tevot (Hebrew Abbreviations)” which is an indispensable helping tool for studying Talmud.  His other works include apps translated into English and Portuguese like Tanya and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (for more about Natan Rolnik and his apps click here).

After break Natan jumps back into the Jewish apps’ market with a free Psalms app for iPhone. TehiliMP3  is a most complete and easy to use Tehilim app for the iPhone.  There is similar app created by TES  in the AppStore,  good for study but with not so user friendly interface and very expensive ($19.99).

TehiliMP3  includes Hebrew text, English translation and transliteration of  all 150  psalms.  You can also download, as in-app purchase mp3 files of all the psalms (Nusach Sefardi and Askenazi). There is also Portuguese version of this app “TehiliMP3 – Salmos traduzidos e transliterados, com áudio” (Para fazer o download, clique aqui.).


  • All 150 chapters;
  • Pull to change: pull chapter to go to next or previous
  • Daily portions
  • Insert your birthday, and the app will show the correct chapter for your age according to the jewish calendar;
  • Bookmark
  • Purchase and download all chapters narrated (can be downloaded in the background)
  • Favorites
  • Group Tehillim: share a group Tehillim list via email, SMS, iMessage…
  • 119: insert the name in Hebrew of a person that passed away, and the app will show the psukim from the chapter 119 to be read.
  • Alarms: never forget to read the Tehilim daily.

If you are interested to sponsor and dedicate some chapters, you can contact developer at

App: TehiliMP3 – Translated and Transliterated Psalms  By Natan L Rolnik


CompatibleiPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category:  Books
Updated:   December 01, 2013
Publisher:  Natan Rolnik
Price: Free (get app)

In-app purchase mp3 files  – $3.99


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