New Passover Issue Of The “Just Jew It” Is Ready For Download [iOS And Android Devices]

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pesach-just-jew-itSubscribers to Just Jew It! Digital Magazine enjoy videos, how-to articles, stories, interviews and anecdotes from world renowned authors for the celebration of Jewish life, holidays, and customs, as well as exclusive interviews and articles of interest relating to current times in one Jewish app.

New, Passover, issue of the “Just Jew It” is ready for download.

Included in this Passover issue:

  • The Inside Story on Passover. Where is your Egypt?
  • The Kabbalah of The Seder Plate – Wine, Salt-Water, Matzah, Bitter Herbs, Charoset, the Shank Bone and the Burned Egg – what do they all represent?
  • Slave Mentality – excerpted from the upcoming book “Reframe Your Life” – and how we’re still doing what we did when the Egyptians were catching up to us at the Red Sea
  • Freedom Defined – What is Freedom for us today?
  • What Kind of Freedom is this Anyway? If it’s all about Freedom, why can’t we eat bread?
  • The Four Cups of Wine and the Four Stages of Freedom
  • What is Chametz? And did you sell yours?
  • What is Matzah? Why should you eat it?
  • The Haggadah – an Educator’s Handbook – insights to share at your Seder
  • How to Set Your Seder Plate
  • The 15 Steps of the Seder – insights to walk you through each step
  • Videos. Music

Subscription available:
– A single issue for $3.99
– 1-month subscription for $2.99
– Annual subscription for $17.99

App: Just Jew It Magazine – Inspiring insights on Judaism for you to enjoy being Jewish by Leah Weintraub


Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category:  Entertainment
Updated: March 26, 2015
Publisher:   Leah Weintraub
Price: Free (get app)

Android version – click here




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